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Filter element for Fluidized bed reactor


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Fluidized bed reactor.

Our main products: Johnson type centerpipes & Vee wire scallop.

Fluidized bed reactor refers to the equipment for chemical reaction of gas in a fluidized bed composed of solid materials or catalysts. Also known as “fluidized bed reactor”. Within a certain flow rate range, the gas strongly stirs the solid fine particles of the catalyst or material piled into a certain thickness (bed) to make it like a boiling liquid and have some characteristics of the liquid, such as fluid pressure on the wall, overflow and viscosity. This operation condition is called “fluidized bed”. There is an expansion section at the upper part of the reactor, which is equipped with a cyclone separator to recover the catalyst taken away by the gas; The bottom is provided with a raw material inlet pipe and a gas distribution plate; The middle part is the reaction section, which is equipped with cooling water pipe and guide baffle to control the reaction temperature and improve the gas-solid contact conditions.

Fluidized bed reactor is also called fluidized bed reactor when it is used in gas-solid system. The fluidized bed phenomenon was first discovered by Fritz Winkler of Germany. Its early application in modern industry is the powder coal gasification furnace appeared in the 1920s, which is the famous Winkler furnace (see coal gasification furnace); Its large-scale industrial application is petroleum catalytic cracking by Warren Lewis of MIT in the 1940s. At present, fluidized bed reactor has been widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, nuclear industry and other departments.