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Filter element for Granulator


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Granulator.

Underwater granulator is similar to air flow granulator and water spray granulator. The equipment mainly includes: plastic granulator, single and twin-screw plastic extruder, plastic film blowing machine, bag making machine, printing machine, coating machine, tape machine, tape Slitter, Slitter and packing belt machine. In terms of modification formula, alloy materials are mainly used, especially PET, PC, ABS, (PP, PA), which are expanding in the current application area; The plastic formula has developed fresh-keeping film, degradable film, pet tackifying and toughening formula and so on. The difference is that it has a steady water flow through the die surface and is in direct contact with the die surface. The size of the pelletizing chamber is just enough to enable the pelletizer to rotate freely across the die surface without limiting the water flow temperature. The molten polymer is extruded from the die, and the granular material is cut by the rotary knife. The granular material is taken out of the particle cutting chamber by the temperature adjusted water and enters the centrifugal dryer. In the dryer, the water is discharged back to the storage tank, cooled and recycled; The pellets are dehydrated by a centrifugal dryer.