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Filter element for Heavy metal wastewater


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Heavy metal wastewater.

Heavy metal wastewater refers to the wastewater containing heavy metals discharged from industrial production processes such as mining and metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics and instruments. Wastewater containing heavy metals (such as cadmium, nickel, mercury, zinc, etc.) is one of the industrial wastewater with the most serious environmental pollution and the greatest harm to human beings. Its water quality and quantity are related to the production process. Generally, heavy metals in wastewater can not be decomposed and destroyed, but can only transfer their existing location and change their physicochemical form. The treatment method is to reform the production process first, and do not or use less toxic heavy metals. Chemical precipitation method and ion exchange method are often used for on-site treatment at the production site (such as not discharged from the production workshop). The heavy metals in the treated water can be discharged or reused if they are lower than the discharge standard. Form new heavy metal concentrated products and try to recycle or treat them innocuously.