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Filter Element for hot-water boiler


Bluslot provides stainless steel wedge wire screen filter elements for hot water boilers.

Hot water boiler includes electric hot water boiler, oil fired hot water boiler, gas-fired hot water boiler and coal-fired hot water boiler. Hot water boiler is a boiler for producing hot water.
It refers to a thermal energy equipment that uses the heat energy released by fuel combustion or other heat energy (such as electric energy, solar energy, etc.) to heat water to the rated temperature (the boiler defined in the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment refers to the equipment that uses various fuels, electricity or other energy to heat the contained liquid to certain parameters and output heat energy to the outside.
The scope is specified as pressure steam boiler with volume greater than or equal to 30L.
Pressurized hot water boiler with outlet water pressure greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (gauge pressure) and rated power greater than or equal to 0.1MW.

Organic heat carrier boiler.