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Filter element for Ion exchange reaction


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Ion exchange reaction.

Ion exchange reaction refers to the reversible exchange of cations or anions in the functional group of ion exchanger with the same-sex ions in solution. Ion exchanger used in hydrometallurgy is mainly ion exchange resin. Ion exchange resin with fixed anions, the ions exchanged by it are positively charged, and its exchange process is called cation exchange; The ion exchange resin with fixed cations, the exchanged ions have negative charges, and its exchange process is called anion exchange. Ion exchange is carried out in ion exchange equipment, through the adsorption and desorption of ion exchanger for material separation or enrichment and ion exchange resin regeneration. The main parameters related to ion exchange are ion exchange resin distribution, absorption and exchange rate. In the process of ion exchange, according to whether the treated feed liquid contains suspended solids, it is divided into pulp adsorption method and clear liquid adsorption method. As the name suggests, the pulp adsorption method is used for the adsorption of ion exchange resin directly in the pulp, while the clear liquid adsorption method is an ion exchange process for adsorption in the material liquid without suspended solids.