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Filter element for Paper industry wastewater


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Paper industry wastewater.

Waste water discharged from the production process of paper industry. Paper industry wastewater can be divided into sulfate pulp wastewater and sulfite pulp wastewater. Among them, the wastewater pollution from pulp process is the most serious. Black brown wastewater is discharged during pulp washing, which is called black liquor; The wastewater discharged from bleaching process contains acid, alkali, BOD (100 ~ 300 mg / L) and other substances; In the papermaking process, the waste water discharged from the front of the papermaking machine is called white water. Black liquor and white water are the main wastewater of papermaking industry. Papermaking wastewater contains a lot of organic matter and suspended solids, as well as a lot of chemicals and impurities. It is one of the main pollution sources of water in China.

Pulping wastewater contains cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose, as well as pectin, tannin, resin, wax, ash, etc. Caustic soda and sulfate pulping wastewater, also known as “black liquor”, contains 10 ~ 20% impurities, of which about 35% are inorganic and 65% are organic. The waste liquid contains a large amount of caustic soda, and the BOD is as high as 9000 ~ 30000mg / L.