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Filter element for Petroleum emulsion


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Petroleum emulsion.

Petroleum oil emulsion refers to a mineral oil emulsion used to kill insects and mites. Where petroleum products and emulsifiers are mixed and the oil is dispersed into an emulsion composed of fine oil beads through strong stirring, it is called petroleum emulsion. The petroleum emulsions used in agricultural production are mainly kerosene emulsions and engine oil emulsions. The insecticidal effect of petroleum emulsion is mainly contact. Spray it on the insect body or egg shell to form an oil film, hinder respiration, penetrate into the insect body or egg, react with the cytoplasmic membrane, and cause poisoning and death. It is mainly used to control overwintering insect eggs, scales, aphids and mites on fruit trees. Safety to people and animals. However, it is easy to cause drug damage when used in summer. It is rarely used in production.