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Filter element for Plastic granulator


Bluslot customized filter element specially used in Plastic granulator.

The extruder divides the head into bevel head (included angle 120o) and right angle head according to the included angle between the head material flow direction and the screw centerline. The shell of the machine head is fixed on the machine body with bolts. The mold in the machine head has a mold core seat and is fixed at the inlet port of the machine head with nuts. The front of the mold core seat is equipped with a mold core, and the center of the mold core and the mold core seat is provided with a hole for passing through the core wire; A pressure equalizing ring is installed at the front of the head to equalize the pressure; The extrusion molding part is composed of a die sleeve seat and a die sleeve. The position of the die sleeve can be adjusted by bolts through support to adjust the relative position of the die sleeve to the die core, which is convenient to adjust the uniformity of the thickness of the extrusion layer. Heating device and temperature measuring device are installed outside the machine head.

Plastic granulator is mainly used to process waste plastic films (industrial packaging film, agricultural plastic film, greenhouse film, beer bag, handbag, etc.), woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, pots, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc. it is suitable for most common waste plastics. It is the most widely used and widely used waste plastic recycling industry, The most popular plastic recycling processing machinery.

The extruder is an exhaust extruder, which is used to re mix, heat and melt the crushed plastics that have been broken, cleaned and then dried by the extruder, and then extrude and cut particles.