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Filter element for Polyvinyl chloride resin


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Polyvinyl chloride resin.

PVC has poor thermal stability and light resistance. Hydrogen chloride began to decompose at 150 ℃, and adverse reactions occurred with the content of plasticizer. In addition, the influence of pigment on PVC is reflected in whether the pigment reacts with PVC and other components constituting PVC products, as well as the migration resistance and heat resistance of the pigment itself. Some components in the colorant may promote the degradation of the resin. For example, iron ions and zinc ions are catalysts for the degradation of PVC resin. Therefore, the use of iron oxide (red, yellow, brown and black) pigments or white pigments such as zinc oxide, zinc sulfide and lithopone will reduce the thermal stability of PVC resin. Some colorants may interact with degradation products of PVC resin. For example, ultramarine pigments have poor acid resistance, so they will interact with hydrogen chloride produced by PVC decomposition and lose their due color in the process of PVC coloring. Therefore, in terms of PVC coloring, considering the characteristics of the resin and related additives, combined with the characteristics of pigments.