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Filter element for Reclaimed water reuse system


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen Wedge Wire Screen filter element specially used in Reclaimed water reuse system.

Reclaimed water reuse refers to the advanced technical treatment of domestic sewage (or urban sewage) or industrial wastewater to remove various impurities, toxic and harmful substances and some heavy metal ions polluting the water body, and then disinfection and sterilization. The water body is colorless, tasteless, clear and transparent, and meets or better than the miscellaneous water standard (or relevant regulations) stipulated by the state, It is widely used in enterprise production or residents’ life.

It is suitable for watering green space, cleaning sanitation, flushing roads, stations, platforms, reservoirs, landscape water, fire fighting make-up water, water cooling circulating make-up water, vehicle flushing water, etc. in hotels, restaurants, residential areas, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, factory areas, organs and troops.

Reclaimed water sources are divided into high-quality miscellaneous drainage and sewage treatment. Generally, reclaimed water sources are not a single water source, and most of them have three combination modes:

  • Toilet drainage, shower drainage and circulating cooling water are called high-quality miscellaneous drainage, which should be preferred;
  • Domestic drainage other than toilet flushing drainage is called miscellaneous drainage;
  • Sewage treatment, the general name of all domestic drainage, has the worst water quality.