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Filter element for Self cleaning filter


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Self cleaning filter.

Self cleaning filtration technology is a new filtration technology developed in the late 1970s. Its main advantage is that it can use water pressure to operate and clean itself, and does not stop filtration during cleaning. Compared with traditional filters, it has the following characteristics: high degree of automation; Small pressure loss; Manual removal of filter residue is not necessary. The self-cleaning filter is applicable to the separation and filtration of industrial, agricultural, municipal and seawater desalination processes.

The treated water passes through the granular filter material, so that the impurities in the water are intercepted and removed by the filter material. It is usually treated by common equipment (such as self-cleaning filter, full-automatic filter, backwashing filter and brush filter).

  • Iron and steel: used for water treatment filtration in raw material yard and sintering pellet plant, cooling water filtration in blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous caster and other systems, and impurity filtration in high-pressure water dephosphorization system.
  • Automobile: coating production line is widely used in automobile, tractor, motorcycle, engine manufacturing, water treatment system.
  • Power plant: it is used for the precision pretreatment part of the preparation of high-purity water for power plant boilers, and the filtration of generator cooling water and sealing water. It can be used as side filtration treatment when the water consumption of series 13-4 is very large.
  • Petrochemical industry: the side filtration treatment is carried out in the circulating water plant, and the main treatment can be carried out by single machine or multiple models in parallel to replace the filter material filtration, reduce the filter material filtration load, avoid a large amount of flushing water consumption and save costs.
  • Agricultural garden and paper mill: in the system with sprinkler and nozzle, the equipment blockage and wear caused by impurities shall be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to select high-precision and high-automatic filtering products, machinery, food or others: the system shall be filtered automatically and accurately to prevent the blockage of cooling water system.
  • Mine: filter the underground spray water to ensure the normal operation of the system.
  • Water supply and sewage treatment: used in the pretreatment system to improve the operation efficiency of the system.
  • It is widely used in drinking water treatment, building circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, sewage treatment, mining water treatment, golf course water treatment, construction, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, power generation, textile, papermaking, food, sugar making, pharmacy, plastics, automobile and other fields.
  1. Advanced product structure and function design, compact structure and original filter shell integral forming and processing technology to avoid all kinds of drip caused by steel filter shell welding;
  2. High strength nodular cast iron has excellent anti-corrosion performance and prolongs the service life of the product;
  3. Proprietary filter element design and manufacturing technology, high-precision filter element will never wear, pressure inspection will never deform, and factory accuracy test meets user requirements;
  4. The coarse and fine screens are made of stainless steel welded mesh, and the screen plate and screen form an internal and external double-layer structure; Due to the active cleaning of the filter element, its anti-interference ability is enhanced and cleaned thoroughly, which is especially suitable for poor water quality conditions.
  5. The selection of filter specifications shall match the installation pipeline. When the filter flow cannot meet the pipeline requirements, two (or more) filters can be installed in parallel or treated by side filtration.
  6. The filter shall be installed at the place to be protected by the system as far as possible. The low pressure at the inlet affects the use, so it shall also be installed near the pressure source.
  7. The filter shall be installed in series in the pipeline system. In order to ensure the uninterrupted water supply of the system during shutdown and maintenance, it is recommended to set a bypass in the system, and the inlet, outlet and bypass of the filter shall be set with cut-off ball valves. Where backflow is likely to occur, a check valve shall be installed at the outlet of the filter.
  8. During model selection, pay attention that the water temperature flowing through the full-automatic self-cleaning filter shall not exceed its applicable temperature.
  9. The installation site has three-phase 380V power frequency AC (three-phase four wire system). The blowdown pipe shall not exceed 5m to avoid back pressure.
  10. Pay attention to filtering accuracy, pretreatment and pressure of DC system, and pay attention to timing control type of intermittent system.
  11. Reasonably select the installation environment and pay attention to waterproof, rainproof and moisture-proof.
  12. The water inlet, water outlet and sewage outlet of the equipment shall be equipped with valves (the sewage valve shall be a fast valve).
  13. The net distance between equipment shall not be less than 1500mm; The net distance between the equipment and the wall shall not be less than 1000mm; No less than 500mm maintenance space shall be reserved around the equipment and.
  14. On the inlet and outlet pipes of the equipment, pipe supports shall be set near the pipe orifice; Supportshould be set under the valve greater than or equal to DN150 directly connected to the vessel nozzle.