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Filter element for Swimming pool water filter


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Swimming pool water filter.

Multi media filter is a media filter that uses two or more media as the filter layer. In the industrial circulating water treatment system, it is used to remove impurities and adsorbed oil in sewage, so as to make the water quality meet the requirements of recycling. It is generally used for domestic water pretreatment, industrial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, etc.

The filtration equipment of the swimming pool is mainly divided into: sand tank filtration, buried circulating filtration and wall mounted circulating filtration.

Quartz sand of a certain scale is generally placed in the sand tank. Within a certain range, the size and specifications of quartz sand are different. In the sand tank, the quartz sand is arranged from top to bottom and from small to large. During normal filtration, water enters from the upper layer of sand and comes out from the lower layer. When water flows through the filter layer from above, part of the solid suspended substances in the water enter the upper filter material, and the small empty holes formed by the upper filter material are intercepted by the surface layer of the filter material due to adsorption and mechanical retention. At the same time, these intercepted suspended substances overlap and bridge, just like forming a film on the surface of the filter layer to continue filtering the suspended substances in the water, This is the so-called membrane filtration of the filter material surface layer. This kind of filtration is not only on the surface of the filter layer, but also when water enters the intermediate filter layer. In order to distinguish the filtration from the surface layer, this kind of function is called osmotic filtration.

In addition, because the sand particles are closely arranged with each other, when the suspended solids in the water flow through the tortuous pores in the sand layer, they will have more opportunities to collide and contact with the filter material surface with time. Therefore, the suspended solids in the water are bonded with the flocs on the particle surface of the sand layer to produce a contact coagulation process.