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Filter element for Thermoplastic


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Thermoplastic.

TPV is the abbreviation of thermoplastic vulcanizate, and its Chinese name is thermoplastic EPDM dynamic vulcanized elastomer or thermoplastic EPDM dynamic vulcanized rubber. It is a polymer elastomer material composed of highly vulcanized EPDM particles dispersed in continuous polypropylene PP phase. The physical properties and functions of TPV at room temperature are similar to those of thermosetting rubber. It shows the characteristics of thermoplastic at high temperature, and can be processed and formed quickly, economically and conveniently. TPV thermoplastic EPDM dynamic vulcanized elastomer / rubber the vulcanized rubber material disperses EPDM in polypropylene PP plastic matrix with particles less than 2 microns through dynamic vulcanization. The characteristics of rubber and plastic are well combined to obtain high-performance elastomer materials with excellent comprehensive performance.