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Filter element for Tripod centrifuge


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Tripod centrifuge.

Centrifuge is a kind of separation machinery. Its function is to separate the mixed liquid (liquid and liquid) of solid and liquid, so as to obtain solid and liquid (or liquid and liquid) respectively. What is its working principle? As we all know, a mixture with different densities will be naturally stratified after standing. The solid will generally settle to the bottom layer, while the upper layer will form a clear liquid. Some are easy to layer, such as muddy water, while others take a long time to layer and the effect is not good. Natural stratification depends on the gravitational acceleration of the earth. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, people need to separate some mixed liquids faster and more, which leads to centrifuges. Centrifuges generate strong centrifugal force through high-speed rotation. Their centrifugal separation coefficient is usually hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of times of the acceleration of gravity, so the separation speed is very fast, However, due to the great differences in the properties of different materials, various centrifuges of different specifications have been formed. Generally, the rotating speed of the centrifuge for solid and liquid separation is less than 3000 rpm. The mixed liquid with finer particles and smaller density difference needs a centrifuge with a rotating speed of 8000 ~ 30000 for separation, while the enrichment and separation of uranium needs a centrifuge with a higher rotating speed.

With the gradual improvement of centrifugal separation technology and the continuous maturity and improvement of the technology of horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge (hereinafter referred to as horizontal screw centrifuge) and horizontal spiral filter centrifuge (hereinafter referred to as filter), in many ways, it poses a serious market substitution threat to tripod centrifuge.