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Filter element for Turbulent fluidized bed


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Turbulent fluidized bed.

Our main products: Johnson type centerpipes & Vee wire scallop.

When the operating gas velocity (also known as apparent gas velocity, UG) is between UC (Turbulent Fluidization Velocity of particles, generally without prefix “minimum” at this time) and UT (terminal velocity of particles), the fluidized bed can be specifically called turbulent fluidized bed, which is generally referred to as turbulent bed. Compared with bubbling bed, turbulent bed is much more difficult to describe, and it is difficult to form a clear physical image in people’s mind. When UG is between UMB (minimum bubble fluidization velocity of particles) and UC, with the increase of UG, the bubble in the bed becomes more and more intense and the bubble size becomes larger and larger. However, when UG exceeds UC, the bubble size decreases with the increase of UG.