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Filter element for Vertical centrifuge


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Vertical centrifuge.

Vertical centrifuge is an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment, which is composed of feeding device, separation system, filter bin, discharge bin, transmission system, washing device and electric control device.

The whole system of vertical centrifuge skillfully applies the dual action of centrifugal force and gravity to realize the continuous work of the equipment and achieve high work efficiency. The slurry enters the centrifuge from the feed inlet, receives the centrifugal force in the separation system, intercepts the solid through the filter screen, and the liquid enters the filter bin through the screen, and is discharged from the mother liquor port. The solid moves downward under the component force of gravity and centrifugal force, and enters the lower section through the discharge bin. During the movement, the washing liquid is pumped into the washing system to wash the solid. All power is driven by a motor. In the separation process, the residence time of solids in the separation system can be controlled by adjusting the feed speed and the relative position of each part of the separation system to meet the specified solid water content requirements.