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Filter element for Waste heat boiler


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Waste heat boiler.

The waste heat boiler is composed of drum, movable hood, furnace mouth flue, inclined section 1 flue, inclined section 2 flue, last section 1 flue, last section 2 flue, feeding pipe (blanking chute), oxygen gun mouth, nitrogen sealing device and nitrogen sealing plug, manhole, micro differential pressure tapping device, support and hanger of flue, etc. The waste heat boiler is divided into six circulation circuits. Each circulation circuit is composed of downcomer and riser. The feed water of each section of flue is introduced from the drum through the downcomer to the lower header of each flue and then into each heating surface. After passing through the heating surface, the steam generated by the water enters the inlet header, and then introduced into the drum through the upper riser. Each flue is connected by flange.