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Filter element for Water soluble coating


Bluslot customized filter element specially used in Water soluble coating.

Water soluble coating is a coating with water-soluble resin as base material and water as solvent. The resin has low molecular weight and high hydrophilicity. During curing, it can react with hydrophilic groups through its own reaction groups or adding curing agent. According to the drying type, water-soluble coatings can be divided into drying type and normal temperature drying type. Because it does not contain organic solvent, the construction is safe and does no harm to human body. However, its performance is worse than that of solvent based coatings. The most successful water-soluble coating is electrophoretic coating, which is widely used in automobile overall coating, and has reached the level of no corrosion for 5 years and no perforation corrosion for 10 years.