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Filter element of sodium chloride evaporative crystallization equipment


Type: Sintered filter element

Material: SS304

Filtration accuracy: 10 microns

Purpose: Potassium sulfate evaporative crystallizer

Sodium chloride evaporation crystallization equipment is used to treat sodium chloride wastewater, which is to concentrate the wastewater containing high sodium chloride salt to the saturated concentration and crystallize the salt from the wastewater, so as to realize the separation of salt and water.

The solubility of sodium chloride has little effect with temperature. The solvent (water) is vaporized by evaporation, the feed liquid is continuously concentrated, and the concentration of sodium chloride is continuously increased until it reaches supersaturation and crystallizes. That is, the supersaturation required for sodium chloride crystallization is obtained by evaporating water. This process involves the basic theory of heat transfer and evaporation, crystallization, phase equilibrium and so on. It is the main process of vacuum salt production.

Advantages of sodium chloride evaporative crystallization equipment filter element:

  • The heating system of sodium chloride evaporation crystallization equipment has the main characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time.
  • Resources can be recycled and reused, with good energy-saving effect;
  • Small floor area and few operators; There are few supporting public works projects;
  • High degree of automation, using full-automatic touch screen operation mode to easily realize various operations;
  • The operation is more stable and reliable.