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Filter Screen For Paint Grinding Machine


We produce various specifications of wedge wire screen filter for paint grinding machine.

Paint grinding machine mainly includes three roller grinders, a horizontal grinder, a vertical grinder, and a basket grinder. These coating grinders are also used for grinding and manufacturing medium and high viscosity liquid raw materials such as paints, inks, pigments, and resins.

The liquid raw materials are transported into the closed grinding cylinder by the pump, and then the meson grinding beads are driven to run at high speed by the host machine, so that the coating raw materials are subjected to high-speed rotating impact under pressure in the narrow gap between grinding beads, resulting in submergence functions such as mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, rubbing and rolling.

When the fineness meets the requirements of raw materials, the gap is separated by high-speed rotating hard tungsten steel and output to the outside of the grinding cylinder. It is a cycle grinding operation, and the continuous circulating grinding fineness can be less than 5 microns. Wide application range, high-cost performance.

Thirdly, in the process, a kind of filter element with firm structure and not easy to be blocked is needed. The Johnson wedge wire screen filter element is the best solution.