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Function of excavator filter element


One of the functions of the excavator filter element: the excavator filter element is an indispensable device on the medium pipeline. It is usually installed at the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, constant water level valve or other equipment to eliminate the impurities in the valve and protect the normal use of the valve and the excavator.

The second function of the excavator filter element: the filter element can effectively filter pollutants and oil film thickness pollutants, which is the main filtering function of the excavator filter element. It is generally installed in the pressure oil circuit and return oil circuit of the system.

The third function of excavator filter element: the removal rate of suspended solids in water is more than 96%, and it can remove macromolecular organic matter, virus, bacteria, colloid, iron and other impurities.

  1. under any special circumstances, it is necessary to change the oil filter element and fuel filter element?

The fuel filter element is to remove the impurities such as iron oxide and dust in the fuel, prevent the fuel system from blocking, reduce the mechanical wear and ensure the stable operation of the engine.

Generally, the replacement cycle of engine fuel filter element is the first 250 hours of operation, and then it is replaced every 250 hours. The replacement time shall be flexibly mastered according to the different fuel quality grade.

When the filter element pressure gauge alarm or indicates abnormal pressure, it is necessary to check whether the filter is abnormal, and if so, it must be changed.

When there is leakage or fracture deformation on the filter element surface, it is necessary to check whether the filter is abnormal. If so, it must be replaced.

  1. Is the higher the filtering accuracy of the oil filter element, the better?

For an engine or equipment, a proper filter element filtration accuracy should reach a balance between filtration efficiency and ash capacity. If the filter element with too high filtration accuracy is used, the service life of the filter element may be shortened due to the low ash content of the filter element, thus increasing the risk of premature blockage of the oil filter element.

  1. What is the difference between inferior engine oil and fuel filter element and pure engine oil and fuel filter element?

Pure engine oil and fuel filter element can effectively protect the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment; Inferior oil and fuel filter can not protect the equipment well, can not extend the service life of the equipment, and even worsen the service condition of the equipment.

  1. what benefits can the machine be brought by using high-quality oil and fuel filter element?

Using high-quality oil and fuel filter element can effectively extend the life of equipment, reduce maintenance cost and save money for users.

  1. The equipment has passed the warranty period and has a long service life. Is it unnecessary to use high-quality filter element?

The engine of old equipment is more likely to wear out, causing cylinder pulling. Therefore, the old equipment needs high-quality filter elements to stabilize the gradually upgraded wear and maintain the performance of the engine.

Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair, or you will have to discard your engine ahead of time. By using the pure filter element, you can ensure that you spend the lowest total operating cost (the total cost of maintenance, repair, overhaul and depreciation) and extend the service life of the engine.

  1. As long as the filter element is cheap, can it be well installed on the engine?

Many domestic filter element manufacturers simply copy and imitate the geometry and appearance of the original parts, and do not pay attention to the engineering standard that the filter element should meet, or even do not know what the engineering standard is.

In order to protect the engine system, if the performance of the filter element can not meet the technical requirements and lose the filtering effect, the performance of the engine will be significantly reduced, and the service life of the engine will be shortened.

For example, the life of a diesel engine is directly related to the 110-230 grams of dust that is “eaten” before the engine is damaged. Therefore, the low efficiency and poor quality filter element will make more impurities into the engine system, resulting in the early overhaul of the engine.

  1. The filter element used does not bring any problems to the machine, so is it unnecessary for users to spend more money on high-quality filter elements?

You may or may not immediately see the impact of inefficient and inferior filter elements on the engine. The engine seems to be running normally, but harmful impurities may have already entered the engine system, causing corrosion, rust and wear of engine parts.

These damages are recessive and will break out when they accumulate to a certain extent. Although there are no signs now, it does not mean that the problem does not exist.

Once a problem is found, it may be too late, so insisting on the use of high quality guaranteed pure filter element can make the engine get the maximum protection.