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High concentration brine reuse filter element


Bluslot provides customized services for the filter element of the high concentration brine reuse.

The treatment of high salt wastewater is a major environmental protection problem facing the industrial development at the present stage. Comprehensive utilization is an important way to solve the problem of high salt waste water bottle neck. The application of high salinity wastewater reuse technology is an important guarantee to obtain significant economic, environmental and social benefits. This paper is based on the status and research progress of high salt wastewater treatment.

At present, the large-scale treatment of high salt wastewater still has the characteristics of low treatment efficiency and high operation cost, and there are still many key technical problems to be solved. For example, when using forward osmosis process to treat high salt wastewater, the core problems such as forward osmosis membrane and draw solution have not been well solved; How to increase the amount of water in reverse osmosis treatment, how to prolong the service life of membrane components, and how to effectively prevent membrane pollution still need to be solved.

The main sources of high salinity wastewater are as follows:

  • Seawater: usually comes from the drainage or cooling circulating water in the process of industrial water use in coastal cities.
  • Industrial production: high salt wastewater mainly comes from the drainage generated in the production process of printing and dyeing, refining, oil extraction, pharmaceutical and salt making enterprises.
  • Industrial production: the high salt wastewater mainly comes from printing and dyeing, refining, oil extraction, pharmaceutical, salty domestic sewage: it mainly comes from the use of seawater, which is used in urban life for fire fighting, road flushing, toilet flushing and other miscellaneous domestic water that does not directly contact with human body. And salt production enterprises in the production process of drainage.
  • Groundwater with high salt content: the groundwater in some areas has high salt content and high total dissolved solids content, such as brackish water and salty water in some areas of Hetao in Inner Mongolia and some shallow groundwater in Hebei plain.