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Honey Processing Technology and Filtration


a. Coarse filtration (wedge wire screen panels): remove large magazines. If there is crystal honey, it can be steam washed.

b. Melting: the purpose of melting honey is to prevent fermentation and destroy crystal nucleus by heating, and delay honey crystallization. 
It is usually heated at 60-65 ℃ for 30 minutes, and the honey should be stirred from time to time to heat evenly and melt faster.

c. Filtration (wedge wire filter element): after heating, the temperature of honey is kept at about 40 ℃, and honey becomes the best flow state, so as to remove impurities and a small amount of large particles crystallization through multi-channel filtration.
In order to shorten the time of heating filtration and reduce the loss of flavor, the pressure filtration should be carried out in the sealing device as far as possible.

d. Vacuum concentration: concentrate honey under vacuum conditions to minimize the influence of processing on the color, fragrance and taste of honey.

e. Cooling: quickly cool the concentrated honey to below 10 ℃ to ensure its good appearance and internal quality.

f. Canning: the project adopts bottled. The automatic filling machine measures the filling according to the filling quantity requirements. Before the filling, the container shall be cleaned and strictly sterilized.

g. Inspection: carry out physical and chemical index test (water content, enzyme value, acidity, sucrose, glucose content, etc.) for the honey after cooling by random sampling, and it can be packed and delivered only after all are qualified.

h. Labeling, packaging: automatic labeling machine labeling, packing.

i. Storage: separate the storage warehouse and avoid direct sunlight and high humidity.

Filtration, sterilization, finished product testing

Honey filtration
According to the inspection results of raw materials and the requirements of product standards, different batches of raw materials are mixed in the honey storage tank or honeypot.
Heat the prepared honey at 40 ℃ – 45 ℃ and no more than 60 ℃; stir continuously to make the crystal in honey melt completely.
After the honey melts, it is filtered by different filter screens in turn. 380 μ m wedge wire filter is used for primary filtration, 180 μ m wedge wire filter is used for secondary filtration, and then 120 μ m wedge wire filter in the thickener is used for automatic fine filtration.

Honey sterilization
The multi-functional concentration sterilizer is used to automatically complete the sterilization process by pasteurization. During the sterilization process, it should be fully stirred, and the temperature should not exceed 70 ℃, and the time to reach the temperature should not exceed 30 minutes.

Finished product inspection
The honey after filtration and sterilization is pumped to the honey storage tank for mixing and sampling inspection.