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How to choose a good self-cleaning filter?


The self-cleaning filter is fully automatic filtering equipment, which can effectively filter the suspended substances in all medium and high viscosity liquids by using wedge wire filter elements which are not easy to block.

The self-cleaning filter adopts the structure of reverse flushing and brush blowdown, which has the advantages of a large filtering area, small equipment volume, compact structure, high filtering efficiency, clean flushing, and less water consumption. And the filtration and sewage discharge are carried out at the same time, which does not affect or interrupt the normal use of the system.

The self-cleaning filter can be used in petroleum, steel, food, chemical, machinery, pharmaceutical, electric power, agricultural spray irrigation, municipal, mining and sewage treatment, and other fields.

How to choose a good self-cleaning filter? A good self-cleaning filter is very important for the enterprise. The self-cleaning filter is to effectively filter the processed media so that the media can meet the process requirements, protect the safe operation of the lower end equipment, and ensure the continuous operation of the system.

Before selecting the self-cleaning filter, you must know the system capacity, system pipe diameter, system pressure, the most important thing is the accuracy of the filter, and then you can provide the temperature and whether the filter medium is corrosive, viscosity, etc.

With these parameters, you can refer to the manufacturer’s samples to select the corresponding specifications and models. And see if the manufacturer has done the same working condition before, the equipment used in similar industries can be used as a reference for comparisonf so that the self-cleaning filter can meet the use requirements.