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How to control coal leakage?


It is necessary to analyze and find out the problems in the three-stage coal leakage, otherwise it will affect the economic benefits of the enterprise.

  • First of all, check whether the jig equipment itself has problems, stop and empty the bed, check whether the wedge wire screen is damaged.
    Check whether the discharge mechanism of the third section works normally, especially whether the four discharge pressing plates on the discharge wheel do not work due to wear, resulting in poor discharge control.
    In addition, the wind link and water link shall be checked, and problems found shall be handled in time.
  • In the process of driving, use the probe rod to probe each section of bed layer to see how the material bed layer of each section is stratified.
    If the loss of fine particle size is to reduce the sieving effect moderately and reduce the sipping, it can be adjusted by adjusting the intake and exhaust time parameters.
    If the loss of coarse grain size, it is necessary to control the discharge quantity of discharge wheel.
  • If there is a gap, please ask their jig driver to help solve it, which is also beneficial to the technical exchange between peers.
  • Jigging operation is indeed a very practical technical work, and the problems are difficult to solve through voice communication, which can be further solved only through listening, watching, asking, checking and testing.
    So it is very important to jig the driver’s technical level.

Let me summarize the jigging operation essentials with a jigging and coal washing Ballad:

Jigging and coal washing

(wedge wire screen for Jigging)

One pass raw coal, pay attention to composition, fine and medium gangue, block to powder ratio;

Particle size diversity, coal flow deviation, fine gangue powder coal, no agglomeration;

People have spleen and stomach, hunger and satiety, machine has steel room, appropriate quota;

There are many fine blocks, more materials, and more gangue. It’s right to reduce materials.

Two ways of fengshui, pay attention to the combination, the wind force back and forth, the water force up;

Divide the wind and water, be able to manage the grid room, total wind and water, and be good at adjusting the whole machine;

In the front gangue section, the wind is small and the water is large; in the back middle coal section, the wind is large and the water is small;

Wind energy quality, water energy quantity, careful conditioning, appropriate.

Three way bed, pay attention to swimming, pay attention to visit, training is important;

If the bed is too dead, water must be supplied first. If the bed is too loose, reduce the air properly;

The upper layer is tight, the air volume is large, the lower layer is tight, and the air and water should be increased;

Stratification is good, strive to be stable, hold the important position, and don’t relax.

Four way emissions, pay attention to levels, pay attention to indicators, cautious and timely;

The waste is less broken and discharged, the waste is more continuous discharged, and the medium coal keeps fine, but still needs self-protection;

Thin bed, coal washing and screening, less bed thickness, coal gangue confusion;

Automatic discharge also depends on human adjustment, product standard and good gate.

Eight know

One know the number of turns, pay attention to how many, the number is small, large and small;

When the coal quality is bad and the coal ratio is large, the revolution should be low;

The coal quality is good, the proportion of coal is small, the coal particle is small, and the revolution should be high;

The number of revolutions to be selected shall be temporarily selected through experiments, from more to less.

Second, know the cycle, pay attention to the length, loose bed, strengthen the separation;

During the air intake, the bed rises, and during the expansion, the bed is loose;

During the exhaust period, the sucking is even and slow, and the stratification is loose, which is conducive to separation;

Cycle adjustment, coal adaptability, gas distribution, quality and quantity.

Three know dike, pay attention to high and low, high is small, low is large;

When the number of turns is high, the dyke can be low;

When the number of revolution is low, the dyke should be high;

The high-rise weir is thick, the suction is weakened, the surface area is muddy, and the signs are self-reported.

Four know sieve hole, pay attention to size, hole big layer scatter, hole small reduce suction;

Increase the mesh, increase the treatment capacity, reduce the bed resistance, and adapt to more gangue;

If the sieve hole is enlarged, it needs to be prevented from passing through the sieve, and the culture bed layer, then it can not be prevented;

Change the mesh, compare the effect, combine with the reality, more benefits.

Five know the slope, pay attention to the angle of inclination, big easy to discharge, small screen free;

Less difficult to select gangue, smaller inclination, more easy to select gangue and larger inclination;

The inclination angle is too large, there are many gangues discharged, the bed is empty and loose, and the gangue belt is coal dust;

The inclination angle is too small, so it is difficult to discharge gangue. The gangue is located on the top of the coal and the lump coal enters the gangue.

Six know clapboard, pay attention to rise and fall, hydraulic distribution, rely on this all match;

Along the whole screen width, the hydraulic power should be uniform, uneven deviation, pulsation is not uniform;

Diaphragms are low, strong on the outside, high on the outside;

In this situation, don’t worry, grasp the crux, and improve quickly;

Seven know wash water, pay attention to concentration, gangue mud, the most unfavorable;

If we want to wash coal well, we have to rely on good water. The water quality is not good and the clean coal is polluted;

Supplement clear water, purify and agglomerate, reduce the concentration, high separation efficiency;

Wash water system, strict management, environmental saving, should be output.

Eight know indicators, pay attention to coordination, quality first, recovery to ensure;

Look at the fast floating, familiar with the four-way, frequently add adjustment, do not take skills;

The quality is good or bad, should heavy fine gangue, takes the gangue to take the coal, the control needs to be strict.