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How to select backwash filter


Wedge wire screen for back wash filter

The backwash filter has outstanding advantages different from the ordinary mesh self-cleaning filter, and the stainless steel wedge filter element is adopted.

Uniform surface gap, large filtering area, fine filtration and high reliability. It can filter worse water quality, such as oily muddy impurities, soft viscous impurities, high impurity content, and a small amount of hair and fiber impurities.

Selection of backwash filter  

  • Treated water volume
  • Pipeline pressure of the system
  • Filtering accuracy
  • Concentration of suspended solids in filtered impurities
  • Relevant physical and chemical impurities for filtering impurities

Application scope of backwash filter: steel, automobile, power plant, petrochemical industry, agricultural garden and paper mill, mine, water supply and sewage treatment, textile, food, sugar making, pharmacy, plastics, automobile industry, etc. 

The operation and control of the backwash filter does not need any external energy. It can be cleaned and filtered automatically and blowdown automatically. It flows continuously during backwashing, and the cleaning and filtration cycle can be adjusted. 

Advantages of backwash filter  

  • Short cleaning time, small flow and pressure loss
  • High degree of automation
  • High precision filtration, stable effluent quality
  • Long service life
  • Applicable to different raw water quality and water requirements
  • Less vulnerable parts, no consumables, low operation cost and simple operation and management
  • Automatic back cleaning without interruption of flow