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How to select drill pipe


Some friends often ask me about the collocation of drill pipe and drilling rig, or the use of drill pipe, but few people ask how to choose a good drill pipe. This is because the general public in the purchase, will choose at will in the low price goods, so in the actual use is not so handy. Today, I’ll explain to you how to choose a good drill pipe.

First of all, we need to find out what the drill pipe is used for because different drill pipes have different functions. For example, geological drill pipes are mainly used for water, gas, and coal exploration. Geological spiral drill pipe is mainly used in deep hole drilling construction with medium-hard geological conditions and has the function of slag discharge.
High-efficiency spiral drill pipe is suitable for drilling construction of water and gas exploration in coal seam and near coal seam geological conditions. It has the characteristics of lightweight, fast connection, and fast slag discharge.

Triangular drill pipe is the first choice for deep hole drilling in soft geology and soft coal seam. Only when we have a clear understanding of this problem can we “suit the remedy to the case”. Many manufacturers, because of their small scale and incomplete varieties, blindly sell to customers when they buy, resulting in the phenomenon that they can’t use them when they buy.

In addition to the variety of drill pipe, there are various types of drill pipe, and their corresponding application fields are different. So the question is again, how do we choose the collocation?
The selection of drill pipe is related to the torque of drilling rig, so we should choose the right type of drill pipe and bit according to different geological conditions and drilling depth.

In addition, high-quality drill pipe screen is also very important.