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Impact of Coronavirus on Environmental Protection Industry


The novel coronavirus infection epidemic situation appeared a serious trend of rapid spread at the beginning of the lunar new year in 2020.

Due to the different industrial fields, regional distribution and industrial structure of the sub industries, the environmental protection industry shows a trend of positive and negative polarization due to the impact of the epidemic. The engineering enterprises are greatly affected, and the operation enterprises are not impacted as a whole.

Impact of epidemic on environmental protection industry

To novel coronavirus infection novel coronavirus novel coronavirus infection, the Ministry of ecology and environment issued the “management and technical guidelines for emergency management of new type coronavirus infection in the emergency department” (January 28th).

Sewage treatment field in epidemic area

The standard of sewage treatment technology in epidemic area hospital should be higher than that in general infectious disease hospital.

From the discharge to the qualified treatment of medical waste water, it must go through a number of strict processing procedures such as pre-disinfection, septic tanks, conditioning tanks, biochemical treatment, advanced oxidation, precipitation, and secondary disinfection.

The sludge and odor generated in medical wastewater treatment must be specially treated, this has provided new topics and opportunities for wastewater treatment enterprises with high-efficiency disinfection equipment, advanced oxidation technology and experience in the treatment of highly difficult wastewater.

Medical waste disposal field

On January 21, the General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the “Notice on Environmental Management of Medical Wastes Caused by New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia”, the timely, orderly, efficient, and harmless treatment of epidemic medical waste is one of the most important measures to prevent the spread of disease.

The continuous outbreak of the epidemic situation has greatly increased the need for emergency disposal of medical waste. Enterprises engaged in the collection, storage, equipment, transportation of medical waste, and the centralized treatment of medical waste have contributed.

Advice for the environmental protection industry

As a manufacturer of metal filter elements, we provide wedge wire screen filter products for environmental protection industries such as water treatment.

As a member of the environmental protection industry, I have the following suggestions:

  1. Short-term coping strategies
    Funding is the lifeline of an enterprise. Solving short-term funding issues is the first priority for an enterprise.
    Environmental protection enterprises can solve the problem of short-term capital working capital through accounts receivable factoring, fund lending, three-party contract mortgage pawns, mutual insurance, and joint insurance. The survival during the epidemic is victory.
  2. Medium-term development strategy
    The epidemic urged the environmental protection industry to standardize and systematize the construction of water environment, atmospheric environment, emergency monitoring, emergency treatment, medical wastewater treatment, medical waste treatment and disposal, and sanitation services.
    It is imperative that the future of these sub-industries be upgraded and deepened in depth and breadth.
    We will conduct in-depth research and development on Johnson Screen Filter products for medical wastewater treatment and supply them worldwide.
  3. Long-term strategic strategy (for Chinese companies)
    At the current stage, there are more than 50,000 environmental protection enterprises in China, of which more than 90% are small, medium and micro enterprises.
    Due to the lack of an orderly competitive environment, the development of the industry is difficult to be supported by continuous innovation technology.
    Seriously restricted the investment value of the environmental protection industry.