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Installation and application of wedge wire screen plate in the liquor making industry


The brewing industry is a global business, so production and product quality are crucial to the survival of manufacturers. One of the main steps in the brewing process is filtration.
In short, its main work is to promote the filtration of malt (crushed grains) from wort (fermentation broth). The process takes place in a container called a filter bucket.

There are many different types of round wedge wire filter plates in the brewing process, but if you are responsible for brewing, it is important to find the right filter plate elements for them.
Although filtration is a simple process, improper filtration will directly affect the final taste of beer.

The main work of the circular filter sieve plate at the bottom of the filter screen is to support the malt pulp bed and limit the grains above the sieve plate while allowing the liquid wort in the waste wort to flow through.
There are different types of filter plates, such as perforated or wedge wire screens.

However, some improper circular filter plates always have some problems, such as:

  1. The filter gap is blocked, reducing the flow rate.
  2. The filtration efficiency is low so that the grain cannot enter the wort through the false bottom, blocking the pump used for recycling or transferring the wort to the next process.
  3. The filter plate is bent or moved to make the wort and malt pass through together.

When it comes to brewing or distillation, a wedge wire screen is the first choice. The unique “V” shape of the welding wire assembly ensures that the filtering position is fixed while achieving filtering and stable flow rate, which makes it easy to extract the filtering material for recycling, turbidity testing, and final boiling.
With wedge wire, the possibility of clogging is minimal, which means that all steps of the filtration process can be performed efficiently.

The wedge-shaped steel wire sieve plate is also the simplest filter structure for cleaning and maintenance.

There are several advantages of using a circular sieve plate made of wedge wire screen:

  1. Large opening area, accurate notch size, and high wort flow rate
  2. Higher mechanical strength
  3. Higher efficiency, can prevent grain retention or plug hole, improve the filtering speed.

If you want to order our wedge wire filter panel, you need to provide various details of the required filter plate, such as filter precision, diameter, clearance, style, shape, pressure, etc. we will arrange professional engineering designers to design the drawings. After confirmation, we will arrange factory production and final shipment.