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Introduction to the function of water cooler filter


Introduction to the function of water cooler filter

In the industrial chillers produced by chiller manufacturers, the filter is very important. What is the specific effect of the filter? As the name suggests, the filter plays a filtering role. In the water chiller system, the filter plays a filtering role, but the seemingly simple filtering operation is actually not simple!

Wedge wire screen can filter impurities, and its purpose is to reduce or eliminate the possibility of impurities in the water chiller system. Once the water chiller system enters impurities or foreign matters, the operation efficiency of the water chiller will be reduced, the refrigeration capacity will be reduced, the temperature will rise, the compressor load will become higher and more serious, and the maintenance device of the water chiller will be triggered, resulting in the compressor shutdown and even system damage.

Whether it is an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller, all need a filter.

This kind of filter is also called filter by chiller technicians. In most cases, the filter filters out impurities and foreign matter, while the filter uses a dryer at the same time.

It ensures that water does not enter the water cooler system and that there are ice jams or other problems due to water entering the system.

The main component of the filter is the wedge wire filter element, and the main component of the dryer is the dryness agent. As a filter, it filters the magazines that may appear in the cooler system and the moisture that may enter the system, that is, to keep the normal operation of the cooler system.

In contrast, the air-cooled water chiller relies more on the filter element, which is due to the characteristics of air cooling: air cooling is a fan system because it adopts the air cooling and heat transfer method, so in the continuous operation of the fan, the dust and foreign matter in the surrounding environment will be continuously inhaled into the cooler. If the filter element is not maintained, these foreign materials or dust will inevitably enter the air cooling water cooler system. Damage the machine and affect normal production.

Whether it is water-cooled or air-cooled, pay attention to the drilling filter and replace it regularly. If the maintenance cost is limited, the filter should be sorted and the agent should be dried.