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Wedge Wire Intake Screen


Wedge Wire Passive Intake Screens 

Wedge Wire Passive Intake Screens, Fish Screen

The first brand of intake screen in China.
Developing intake screen products since 2005.
Sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

Rich experience in production and after-sales service.
The professional technical team can guide the installation and use around the world.

Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 321, 904L, 2205, 2507, C276…
Wire type: V-shaped wire
Wire size: Width: 1.0mm – 3.7mm
Height: 2.2mm – 7.0mm
Slot size: 1mm – 10mm (customized according to actual needs)
Maximum approach velocity: 0.15 m/s (less than the sustained swimming capability of fish)
Product use: Protection of fish, pumping in lakes, creek, rivers, and oceans
Small and larger hydro projects
Drinking water plant
The desalination plant, power plant cooling system
Municipal water consumption
Irrigation system
Water treatment and many other applications

For diameters greater than 600 mm, it is recommended that reinforcing rings be used to stiffen the intake screen.
Although it does not need frequent maintenance, it is recommended to add hinges, bolts, or similar tools for easy cleaning.
Before the product leaves the factory, we will go out to the factory for the quality inspection report and the third party’s quality inspection report.

Characteristics of Wedge Wire Passive Intake Screens System

  1. The special gap structure of wedge wire screens vee wire, not easy to block, easy to clean.
  2. The surface velocity is slow and uniform.
  3. Easy to clean, no need to shut down, the equipment can continue to run.
  4. Continuous slotting structure with the larger opening area.
  5. Low-pressure drop, minimal entrainment, and impingement.
  6. Integrated welding, no consumable parts, low maintenance cost.

Due to the large difference in the use environment of the wedge wire intake screen, it is necessary to customize the appropriate specifications and sizes according to the actual use environment.
In order to improve the use efficiency and guarantee the service life of the product, we will issue the design scheme and provide the most professional suggestions according to the use environment.

Our advantage

  1. Advanced welding process
    Different from other wedge wire screen filter products, the intake rotating screen has a large diameter, many times of welding, and the welding process is extremely important.
    Our welding equipment includes argon arc welding equipment, plasma welding equipment, laser welding equipment, intelligent welding hand, etc.
    We have special quality inspectors to inspect the welding joint after the completion of the product
  2. Surface treatment process
    Pickling, passivation, or surface physical treatment process.
    The physical surface treatment process is an advanced environmental protection treatment process, there is no pollution to the environment, and it can improve the corrosion resistance of the product and prolong the service life of the product.
  3. Three wedge wire screen production lines to ensure delivery speed.
  4. Perfect after-sales service system
    We are the only screen supplier of overseas after-sales service in China. We have a strong technical team to go to the construction site for after-sales service.

We are a Chinese manufacturer integrating product design, R & D, production, and export. We can provide customized processing services for global customers.
We can also produce a wedge wire intake bar screen pipe (screen part) separately for you.
We also provide customized service of seawater intake band screen.