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Johnson Screen Filter Element For Hydrogenation Unit


Johnson Screen Filter (Wedge Wire Filter) For Hydrogenation Unit

At present, the world’s crude oil tends to be inferior and heavy, but the market demand for light oil such as gasoline, diesel oil and kerosene is increasing substantially, and major refining enterprises are pursuing the maximum conversion of residual oil.

Therefore, hydrotreating process is becoming more and more important.

In order to meet the growth of market demand, we have established a wedge wire filter element production line for automatic backwash filter with integrated production and quality inspection in workshop #1.

These filter elements are specially used in hydrogenation unit of petrochemical industry.

Main equipment of hydrogenation unit

Hydrogenation reactor
High pressure heat exchanger
High pressure air cooling
High pressure separator
Reaction heating furnace
New hydrogen compressor
Recycle hydrogen compressor
Automatic backwash filter

If the mechanical impurities are not removed, they will be deposited on the top of the reactor, which will cause the reactor pressure difference to be too large and forced to shut down and shorten the operation period of the unit.
Therefore, hydrogenation raw materials need to be filtered, and now automatic backwash filters are mostly used.

Compared with the old filter, the automatic cleaning filter has the advantages of high automation and high filtering precision, which shows its advantages in practical application.

The automatic backwash filter adopts the principle of mechanical separation, high quality metal wedge wire filter element is used to separate impurities from raw materials.

The filter surface of the filter tube is made of wedge-shaped wire, and the small gap between the wedge-shaped wires forms a cross section, which is conducive to backwashing.

When the raw material passes through the filter cartridge with Johnson screen filter element, the mechanical impurities gradually deposit on the outer surface of filter element.

As the deposition of mechanical impurities increases, the raw materials passing through the filter element gradually decrease, and the outlet pressure also decreases, resulting in the increase of the differential pressure of the filter. The equipment will use the filtered raw material and its own pressure to backwash the filter element from inside to outside.


Good filtering effect
High degree of automation
The flushing of raw materials shall not be polluted
There are many forms of flushing process

Performance Characteristics Of Johnson Screen Filter (for Hydrogenation Unit)

  1. Wedge wire structure, strong mechanical strength.
  2. Arc shaped filtering gap, improving scour resistance and service life
  3. 20, 25 and more than 25 microns slot size wedge wire filter elements of different specifications are available for selection.
  4. The filtering gap of raw material filter element of petrochemical hydrogenation unit is evenly distributed.
  5. V – shaped wire design increases the reverse pressure difference by more than 7 times, with complete flushing and strong regeneration ability.
  6. The instantaneous pressure difference is more than 50MPa.
  7. 316L material is suitable for all kinds of fluids.

Our Johnson screen filter elements of petrochemical hydrogenation unit have been exported to more than 30 countries, mainly serving domestic and foreign refineries, chemical plants and other petrochemical enterprises.

Precautions In Using Johnson Screen Filter Element

  1. When the filtration area and raw material flow rate of Johnson filter element do not change, the cross-sectional filtration area and raw material flow rate will decrease, and the pressure drop of filter element will increase, so the factors that restrict the effect of filter cleaning are the filtration area of filter element and the flow rate of raw material.
  2. When the wedge wire filter is used for a period of time, a large number of impurities that are difficult to backwash will be deposited on the filter element. With the increase of the flushing period, the deposition on the filter element will gradually increase, and the filtering area of the filter element will gradually decrease, resulting in the gradual decline of the filtering effect.

At this time, the filter shall be disassembled, inspected and cleaned in the following ways: Hot aviation coal soaking, strong acid washing, heating furnace burning, 1.0 MPa steam washing.


Residue hydrogenation unit
Wax oil hydrocracking unit
Benzene hydrogenation unit
Lubricating oil hydrogenation unit
Diesel oil hydrogenation unit
Aviation coal hydrogenation unit
Ethylene cracking gasoline hydrogenation unit
Butadiene tail gas hydrogenation unit
Fluidized bed hydrogenation unit
Tar hydrogenation unit

In the hydrogenation reactor, wedge wire screen Catalyst Support Grid also plays an important role, we can provide relevant customized services.