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Water & Oil Well Screen


Water & Oil Well Screen

What Is a Stainless Steel Water Well Screen?

Johnson Well Screen Pipe

Wedge Wire Well Screen

There is a lot of sand, gravel, and other substances in the aquifer of the well, these materials will wear equipment and well pumps, causing expensive losses. A water well screen is needed to remove these impurities.
Stainless steel v-wire (wire wrap) screen pipe is the main screen pipe type used in the water well industry, it is welded together by v-shaped wire and support rod through advanced circular resistance welding. This kind of screen tube has the characteristics of firm structure, large opening area, corrosion resistance, nonblocking, and no maintenance.

Material: 304, 316, 316L, 321, 904L, 2205, 2507, C276…(or as your need)
Slot size selection: 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm… (or as your need)
OD: 1” – 34”
Length: Up to 6500mm
Depth & height: As your need.

Open area: Up to 60% (high flow, low-pressure drop)
Installation location: Aquifer
Application: Municipal water source well, Domestic well, Agricultural water well, Groundwater, Industrial water well.

In theory, the water well sand screen should be installed at the bottom of the water-bearing layer, but it’s hard to get there. It is recommended to be 6-7m below the water level, so as to ensure the maximum water production, Of course, it needs to be judged according to the actual situation.

Characteristics of Wedge Wire Well Screen

  1. johnson wedge wire well screen products slot size

    Water Well Screen

    Corrosion-resistant material
    Contact with water and the use of anti-corrosion materials can improve the service life of products.
    Due to the different use environment, it is necessary to select appropriate raw materials in combination with water quality.
  2. No clogging, Easy to clean
    Positive type wedge wire screen pipe, The contact surface with water is a smooth filter surface.
    There are only two points of contact between impurities and the surface, particles can pass through the screen without being stuck by the screen gap which will not cause a clogged.
    Reduce maintenance and replacement cost of products.
  3. High strength, sufficient column, and collapse strength.
  4. Large opening area, the high filtration area ratio
    Continuous slotting structure.

    Increase the water flow rate and reduce energy consumption.
    The large opening area percent reduces the pressure drop and the speed of water entering the screen, it can make the water flow into the screen slowly so as to avoid sand from entering the screen tube under high pressure and causing abrasion. Prolong the service life of water well.
    Strong transmission capacity.
  5. The wedge wire well screen pipe has a solid structure, high porosity, and precise gap size. Particularly suitable for fine sand and silt formations in water wells.

Common water well types

Johnson Wedge Wire Water Well Screen Pipe

Wedge Wire Well Screen

Small (e.g. driven/jetted point wells)
Medium (e.g. drilled wells)   
large diameter (e.g. bored and dug wells)

There is a difference between the water well screen specifications required for domestic (4-5 feet length) and industrial wells, and the appropriate specifications should be selected before purchasing in combination with the environment used.

We are the largest supplier, manufacturer (company) of continuous slot water well sand (drilling) screens in North China. We can process all kinds of customized products. If you need any technical support and price, please leave a message to us, we can provide you with a design scheme.

Well water intake screen used in industrial dehydration equipment: WEDGE WIRE INTAKE SCREEN.

Oil and Gas upstream Well Screen (well screen and casing)

Wedge wire screen pipe + Liner pipe
Application in a deep vertical well, oil dan gas well, and supply well.
The liner provides compressive strength, freeing wedge wire screen pipe, in this way, the width of the wedge wire can be reduced and the area of opening can be increased.
In addition to the overall solution, we can also customize a good screen assembly.

Well Screen For Sale
If you want to buy a good screen pipe, please leave a message below.

Profile wire & support rod specification

in / mm
in / mm
in2 / mm2
200.020 / 0.5080.040 / 1.0160.005 / 0.32311
300.030 / 0.7620.050 / 1.2700.001 / 0.64513
470.047 / 1.1940.088 / 2.2350.003 / 1.93510
630.060 / 1.5240.100 / 2.5400.004 / 2.58113
690.071 / 1.8030.177 / 4.4960.010 / 6.4527
930.089 / 2.2610.138 / 3.5050.009 / 6.80613
1180.116 / 2.9460.185 / 4.6990.015 / 9.67713
1300.130 / 3.3020.250 / 6.3500.023 / 14.8398
1580.158 / 4.0130.239 / 6.0700.028 / 17.948
1910.195 / 4.9530.363 / 9.2200.055 / 35.4845

Well screen entrance velocity

Important design parameters.

The entrance velocity of the screen should not exceed 1/10 or 0.1 feet per second.

V[entrance] = Q / 2πrhA(open) < 0.03m/s

The high entrance velocity will accelerate the clogging of the well screen tube, increase the pressure drop, cause wear, corrosion and scale.

The continuous slot structure ensures that wedge wire type well screen pipe has a larger opening area, low-pressure drop, and low entrance velocity.

Reducing slot clogging can extend the life of the well screen filter, therefore, it is particularly important to control the moving speed of finer particles in the aquifer material.

We recommend that the screen entrance velocity must be kept below the recommended value in the table on the right.

Our technicians will also give advice based on actual use.

Permeability coefficient(m/day)Screen velocity (cm/sec)
< 201.0

Sand control screens

Bluslot sand control screen

Sand Control Screen

In the oil drilling and production operation, the sand control screen pipe is a piece of important equipment, which is often used for early completion or oil production and control.
The appearance of the sand control premium screen provides material conditions for the development of horizontal well and sidetracking well and the oil exploitation of a high sand reservoir.

Oil wells are located in different geological and sand layers, and different steel grades and types of sand control filter pipes are selected.
Bluslot™ focusing on the production and customization of wedge wire screen type well screen, it is widely used in oil fields around the world.

Function: sand prevention
Product type: V-shaped wire tube.
Advantages: high opening rate, firm structure, not easy to block, high-cost performance.
Application: oil well drilling, natural gas well, water well, brine well, etc.

Main characteristics of petroleum sand control screen

V-wire structure, with self-cleaning function.
High machining accuracy, seam width ≥ 0.15mm, tolerance ± 0.03mm.
The strength is high. There is a 0.1-0.2mm anti-corrosion hardening layer on the surface of the slot cavity, and the strength is more than three times the strength of the base pipe.
The surface of the slot cavity is smooth and the roughness is low, which can reach ra1.6mm.
The oil sand control screen has a good sand control effect and high-cost performance.

Automatic cleaning device for the inner surface of petroleum sand control screen

It is a grinding machine that is penetrated into the petroleum sand control screen pipe and cleaned with the relative movement of the petroleum sand control screen pipe.
A driving mechanism that drives the grinding machine to move back and forth along the length direction of the petroleum sand control screen pipe.
A mandrel connected between a grinder and a driving mechanism.
During the cleaning process of the grinding machine, the inner surface of the oil sand control screen pipe is scoured and the air is dried. High-pressure gas blows the pipe dry at any time to prevent rust.

Surface characteristics of petroleum sand control screen

The two ends of the inner layer pipe are provided with a taper thread, the screen mesh is composed of two layers of inner and outer fine mesh and coarse mesh, and the protective pipe is provided with a longitudinal narrow seam.
The inner layer pipe is surrounded by two layers of screen mesh with coarse and fine mesh, and the joint edge is protruded at the seam of the protective pipe to form the screen joint and the welding fusion joint firmly connected with the protective pipe.
A pipe hoop with a longitudinal long hole is arranged at both ends of the protective pipe.

The petroleum sand control screen pipe has the characteristics of higher filtering precision, high tensile and compressive strength, high-density gap, low flow resistance, low flow resistance, welding technology, high efficiency, low cost, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
As the inner layer pipe, screen and protecting pipe are welded and consolidated into a whole through joint and pipe hoop, the compressive strength, tensile strength and torsional strength of the screen pipe are greatly improved, and the service life and sand control reliability of the oil sand control screen pipe is increased.
The thread lengthening connection structure makes the oil sand control screen light in weight, convenient and flexible in loading and unloading.

In 2017, Bluslot became the largest wedge wire water well screen suppliers supplier in China.