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Landscape water treatment equipment filter element


Brand: BLUslot

Type: Wedge wire screen filter

Material: SS304

Bluslot provides customized services for the wedge wire screen filter element of the landscape water treatment equipment.

Landscape water generally refers to the water body that people use for viewing, which is usually divided into two categories: one is the natural waterscape, the other is the artificial waterscape.

Water viewing generally refers to the water body used by people for viewing, which is usually divided into two categories: one is the natural waterscape, the other is the artificial waterscape. For example, natural lakes and rivers belong to natural waterscape; Fountains, artificial lakes and urban small rivers are all constructed artificially, belonging to artificial waterscape. These are open-air surface water with very low self purification capacity and high risk of pollution, so it is necessary to use excellent and suitable landscape water recycling treatment equipment.

Assuming that there is no sewage discharged, landscape water mainly faces the following main pollution factors:

  • The organic matter and nitrogen and phosphorus elements in the surface and soil brought by rainwater runoff;
  • Extraneous organic matter and nitrogen and phosphorus brought by atmospheric dust fall;
  • The organic matter accumulated by the dead biological community derived from the lake itself;
  • A large number of cyanobacteria broke out when the sun was exposed to high temperature in summer.

Treatment technology of landscape water circulation treatment equipment

The landscape water to be treated is pumped into the oxidation treatment system by sewage pump, in which some refractory organics and other substances can be effectively removed.

It can effectively inhibit the enrichment of nutrients in the landscape water, improve the dissolved oxygen in the water, and remove part of the organic matter and a large number of bacteria and viruses in the water.

After that, the suspended solids, turbidity and algae in the water are filtered out by the wedge wire screen filter to make the water clear, transparent, colorless and tasteless, and change the water quality deterioration phenomenon of landscape water, such as turbidity, poor transparency, dark color and even peculiar smell, so as to keep the landscape water in a relatively stable ecological balance, so as to achieve the treatment and recycling of landscape pool water.

Technical advantages of landscape pool water treatment

  • Low investment, low requirements for geographical and climatic conditions, has a wide range of applications.
  • The construction time is short and the floor area is small.
  • The wedge wire screen precision filtration system can be used for a long time without replacement, but it should be recoiled regularly.
  • The water reuse rate is more than 100%.
  • Simple operation, easy maintenance, not too much manpower.
  • The operation cost of the whole system is low, daily operation only needs electricity, no other late investment.
  • The process has a long service life and the main engine has been used for more than 10 years.