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Manure Separator


Manure Separator For Cow/Dairy, Chicken, Pig/Hog, Horse, Duck.

The best solution for poultry and Livestock farm manure management

Model: OCT-180 | OCT-230 | OCE-280.
Material: Stainless steel + Carbon steel | Whole Stainless Steel 304.
Voltage: 3 phase/ 380V / 50HZ (Customizable).
Input capacity: 4 – 15 m3/h.
Motor power: 4KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW, or as your need.
Screen size: 0.3 – 0.8mm
Pump: Anti-clogging submersible pump.
Assembly: Main body, V wire screen, motor, gearbox, control panel, pump, screw, pipe.


  1. V wire screen (screw press screen). We are the largest wedge wire screen manufacturer in North China, with advanced ring fusion welding technology and special surface treatment technology. The service life of the screen barrel is 1.5 times that of similar products.
  2. All accessories are produced independently. We have a workshop specializing in the production of manure separator accessories. Except for pumps, gear, control panel, and pipes, all accessories can be produced independently, and the quality of products can be controlled from the source.
  3. Fast delivery. For the OCE-180 separator, we have the stock all year round and can deliver within 3 days.

Characteristics of manure separator

  1. Practicability.
    The separation speed of the slag liquid is fast, and the moisture content of the separated manure slag is between 50% and 60%.
    Slag content and water content can be adjusted, which can be applied to different components of the feed. The solid particles are suitable for fish feed and organic fertilizer.
  2. Progressiveness.
    This series of equipment has a strong ability of decontamination, no jam, and convenient cleaning.
    The removal rate of solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the treated fecal and urine water can be 85-97%.
  3. Durability.
    The machine frame, v wire screen, screw, and so on are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion treatment, with corrosion resistance, high strength, and long service life.
  4. Economy.
    The series features high automation, low power consumption, and low cost. The operation is convenient only by pressing the start-stop button.

Working principle of manure separator

how does a manure separator work

  1. The nonblocking submerged pump will pump the manure water of livestock and poultry to the solid-liquid separator.
  2. The screw will gradually push the manure water of livestock and poultry to the front of the machine, while constantly increasing the pressure on the front edge of the machine.
  3. The water in the material is squeezed out of the screen under the effect of the edge pressure belt filter and flows out of the drainage pipe.

The work of the livestock manure sand dewatering machine is continuous, the manure water of livestock and poultry is continuously promoted to the body of the dung dewatering machine, when the pressure of the leading edge increases to a certain extent, the outlet will be pushed open and extruded to achieve the purpose of extrusion.

In order to master the discharging speed and water content, the spring at one end can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate discharging state.
If there is too much manure water entering the manure separator, it will be discharged to the original manure pool through the overflow port.

The wastewater separated by screw extrusion filtration can be directly sent to biogas digester for fermentation or to its wastewater settling tank.
After treatment, COD and BOD in the sewage are greatly reduced, which is convenient for subsequent discharge up to standard.

Slope Screen Manure Separator

slope screen manure separator machineSlope screen manure separator is a relatively common mechanical equipment in farms that can effectively separate manure from solid and liquid. At present, it is mainly suitable for large and small breeding farms. Pig dung, cow dung, sheep dung, chicken, duck, and goose dung can be treated, and the treatment effect is obvious.

The design principle of the slope screen manure separator is to use a combination of a vibration system, a feeding extrusion system, and an automatic washing system to treat aquaculture manure sewage and sewage. It is an effective way to effectively treat the manure and liquid discharged from livestock and poultry farms for solid-liquid separation. The separated feces can be directly packaged and transported, and the separated liquid can be transported to the anaerobic tank, which can be processed into biogas through anaerobic treatment for domestic use.

The gravity of the solids is used to separate the solids in the feces. The main machine is composed of a uniform material box, a stainless steel sieve plate, a sieve plate box, and a frame, without transmission parts and power.
The waste liquid is separated by the self-weight of the wedge wire screen plate,The angle of the inclined screen plate can be adjusted and the wedge wire screen plate with different gaps can be replaced to meet the needs of solid-liquid separation of different manure.

Specific equipment information is as follows:
Models: blu-20, blu-40, blu-60
Main accessories: host, sewage pump, mixer
Treatment effect: 20m3/h, 40m3/h, 60m3/h
Main motor: 3kw, 4kw, 5.5kw

Advantages of slope screen manure separator:
slope screen manure separators are widely used in pig farms. The environment around the pig farms treated by the separators will be greatly improved and the growth environment of pigs will be improved. Pig manure can be used as organic matter to fertilize crops.
Low cost, low operation cost, simple structure, and convenient maintenance.

Performance of slope screen manure separator:

  1. The slope screen manure separator has the function of sorting and filtering the large and heavy objects first and integrates multiple functions such as transmission, press dehydration, and Desanding, which solves the problems of garbage winding equipment and closed operation.
  2. The separation rate of floating, suspended, and precipitate in feces can reach more than 95%, and the solid content of slag can reach more than 35%.
  3. It has the function of liquid level automatic control, which can save 80% of power consumption and lower operation cost than similar equipment.
  4. The contact part between the equipment and the treatment medium is made of high-quality stainless steel and treated by pickling and passivation. The corrosion resistance is several times stronger than that of ordinary stainless steel and the service life is prolonged.
  5. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, small floor area and high removal rate of suspended solids.

How to deal with the dry manure/dung after the separation of manure and sewage?

The water content of livestock and poultry manure treated by the manure separator is low, the moisture content is only about 50%, the appearance is fluffy, no stickiness, the odor is reduced, the hand can’t squeeze out water, and the hand can’t give up.
The treated dry dung can be used as bedding or directly bagged or sold, the moisture content of dry manure after treatment is the best condition for fermentation of dry manure organic fertilizer, which can be directly stirred by fermentation bacteria to produce organic fertilizer.

Why solid liquid separator is needed?

  1. With the strengthening of the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, most of the farms have built biogas tanks and biochemical tanks to deal with feces and urine. 
    However, if the fecal materials are not separated by solid-liquid, the effect of biogas culture is not ideal. 
    Due to the long-term use of biogas digester, a large amount of residue is left after fermentation, which causes the biogas digester to be blocked and the capacity to be reduced, so that the digester can not be used, and the cleaning tank is not only labor-consuming but also extremely unsafe, at the same time, the expense is increased.
  2. Direct sale of fresh farm manure is difficult to transport.
  3. Manure from farms pollutes the air.
  4. The dried manure dewatering by the manure separator can be directly used as the raw materials of fruit trees, forest fertilization, and organic fertilizer to monetize the waste.

The utilization of livestock manure solids separator can reduce the construction investment of biogas digester, for example:
If a matched solid-liquid separator is used to treat the livestock and poultry excrement in the breeding or slaughterhouse discharging 200 tons of sewage every day, the construction investment of a 400 cubic meters anaerobic tank can be reduced because the concentration of wastewater mixed into the tank is too high.
Anaerobic time also needs to be extended accordingly, so according to 200 tons of sewage per day, if there is no solid-liquid separator for animal manure treatment, then 2000-2500 cubic meters of the anaerobic tank will be built. If the solid-liquid separator is used, the construction of 500-800 cubic meters can be reduced.