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Monitoring Well Screen


Johnson screen product manufacture.

Monitoring well refers to the special well completed by drilling to monitor the change of groundwater level, water temperature and water quality.
The construction method is similar to that of conventional water wells. After completion of the well, monitoring instruments are placed in the well, and water samples are regularly taken for analysis and test.
Monitoring wells are arranged in the pollution source concentration area, and horizontal wells have been used to measure and control groundwater pollution in a large area in foreign countries.

Our company provides various specifications of monitoring well screen (Prepacked Screen) design and customized services.

Our Johnson Monitoring Well Screen Advantage

Combination of independent R & D and design with own production and manufacturing
Design and technical team with many years of industry experience.
With 3500 square meters of specialized production plant, advanced equipment, filter elements, fully independent production.
Strict production process and quality control.
The production cycle is self controlled and the delivery time is more guaranteed.
More professional and intimate after-sales service team.

  1. Scientific analysis and selection of specific high-tech equipment
    Have spectrum analyzer to test the material and ensure the authenticity of the material.
    With pressure, differential pressure, physical gravity impact detection instruments, to ensure the selection of product pressure.
    Flow test and design can be carried out according to the requirements of the customer’s site.
    Fully based on high-tech analysis data for customer selection and selection.
    Provide complete inspection report and material certificate identified by spectrometer before delivery.

Monitoring well maintenance

  • Special personnel shall be assigned to regularly maintain the facilities of the monitoring well. Once the facilities are damaged, they must be repaired in time.
  • Measure the depth of the monitoring well every two years. When the siltation in the monitoring well fails to reach the monitoring well screen filter pipe or the depth of water in the well is less than 1 m, the siltation shall be removed or the well shall be changed in time.
  • Water permeability sensitivity test shall be conducted for monitoring wells every 5 years. When the water volume of 1m well pipe in the water injection section is injected into the well, and the water level recovery time is more than 12min, the well shall be washed.
  • In case of displacement or damage of wellhead fixed signs and orifice protection caps, they must be repaired in time.

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