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Multicore self-cleaning filter for seawater


The special multi-core self-cleaning filter for seawater is mainly composed of a high-quality 2205 two-way stainless steel cylinder, 2205 two-phase stainless steel wedge wire filter screen, butterfly valve, and sewage device.

Working principle of seawater special multi-core self-cleaning filter: when the filter is working, the butterfly valve is in the open state, the water flows into the filter from the inlet, and then goes to the outlet after being filtered by the filter screen, and the impurities in the water are intercepted by the wedge wire filter screen.
When the filter needs blowdown, close the butterfly valve. Open the blowdown valve, and the water flows through the first half of the filter. Part of the water flows directly into the system, and the other part flows from the outside of the filter into the inside and is discharged through the blowdown outlet.

It has the function of a reverse automatic flushing wedge filter screen and removing dirt. The whole process of recoil blowdown does not need to shut down the system, and realizes on-line blowdown.
It is suitable for all kinds of water supply systems, industrial water systems, and industrial cooling water systems, especially for those systems that need continuous and long-term non-stop operation. It can filter out all kinds of mechanical impurities in water and ensure the safe and reliable operation of system equipment.

Product series: water filter

Pipe diameter: DN 125

Specification: 426 * 1300

Flow rate: 100M / h

Drain outlet: Dn40

Shell material: carbon steel

Filter material: 2205 wedge wire filter

Controller: PVC

Control cabinet: PLC control cabinet

Cleaning brush: 2205 bidirectional mesh stainless steel, nylon

Sealing ring: EPDM rubber

It is mainly used in power, electronics, beverage, tap water, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, paper, food, swimming pool, municipal engineering and other process water, domestic water, circulating water, and wastewater deep treatment fields. Metallurgy: continuous casting water, high-pressure dephosphorization water, clean circulating water, turbid circulating water filtration, cooling water full filtration, side filtration, nozzle protection, etc

Power: turbine cooling water filtration, ash water recovery filtration, dust nozzle protection, cooling tower water full filtration and side filtration, etc

Raw water: lake water, river water, reservoir water, well water, rainwater, sand, algae, organic matter filtration during groundwater extraction, etc

Agriculture: sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation water treatment

Others: construction, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, power generation, textile, paper, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, plastics, automobile industry, etc

It is widely used in drinking water treatment, construction circulating water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, sewage treatment, mining water treatment, golf course water treatment, and other fields.