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Phosphorus and algae removal water purification equipment


Phosphorus is a common natural element, which plays an extremely important role in maintaining the life activities of animals and plants. However, in industrial production and daily life, more and more industrial wastewater and domestic sewage are directly discharged into rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs, resulting in a significant excess of phosphorus content in the water body. Then it causes eutrophication of water body, explosive reproduction of various algae, shielding the water surface, resulting in “red tide” or “water bloom”, reduction of oxygen content in water body, deterioration of ecological environment, and even large-scale death of aquatic animals, which seriously destroys the ecological balance.

Phosphorus in water can exist in the form of elemental phosphorus, orthophosphate, condensed phosphate, pyrophosphate, metaphosphate and phosphate combined with organic groups. The total phosphorus index is usually regarded as an important index of phosphorus control. Therefore, how to reduce the total phosphorus index and the number of microalgae is an important research direction to improve water quality. At present, the commonly used purification technologies include physical methods, chemical methods, biological methods and so on. The above methods have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and many methods are often combined in industry to improve the efficiency and effect of water purification and treatment.

Although the existing technology has made great progress, there are still the following deficiencies. For example, the traditional mechanical mixing coagulation process section is provided with fast mixing tank and slow mixing tank for coagulation and flocculation, and the mixing motor is installed in the fast mixing tank and slow mixing tank for the mixing of coagulant and flocculant; However, there are many problems, such as large power consumption, long hydraulic retention time, large noise pollution, large space occupied by the device, inconvenient transportation and so on.

The water purification equipment for phosphorus and algae removal not only solves the pollution problems of total phosphorus and microalgae in environmental water, but also has the advantages of low power consumption, short hydraulic retention time, low noise pollution, small space occupied by the device, convenient transportation and so on.

The equipment uses a wedge wire screen filter as the core filter device.