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Precautions for operating self-cleaning filter


There are still many problems in the use of self-cleaning filter. How can we ensure the smooth operation? The manufacturer has summarized several matters needing attention in the operation process, which is actually the operation specification. Let’s have a look together. 

  • First, when operating the self-cleaning filter, operate the equipment according to the correct procedures.There are many different filters in the market. Although the operation process of each device is similar, you should still read the user manual and pay attention to some details before using it, which can better help you operate the device. 
  • The second point is the professional operation of professionals.Equipment such as washable filter is more professional equipment, and usually needs professional operators to operate, especially those working in the workshop. Learning to correctly operate the filter is not only related to work efficiency, but also related to the use of the equipment. 
  • Point 3, pay attention to equipment maintenance and training. After the equipment is used for a period of time, some small problems may occur. We should carry out some regular maintenance on the equipment to prolong the service life of the equipment.
  • Point 4, maintain the self-cleaning filter. During maintenance, sometimes we can check some large or small problems in the equipment. If there is a problem with the equipment, we should solve it in time. Therefore, it is recommended to check the washable filter every three months to half a year to ensure that there is no problem with the equipment.
  • Clean and replace the wedge wire filter element regularly.

The above are the specifications and precautions of the self-cleaning filter in the use process. The above points can make the filter better create value for us.