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Problems and solutions of manure treatment in farms


Bluslot customized manure separator specially used in dewatering of livestock farm manure.

With the rapid development of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding, livestock and poultry produce a large amount of manure and waste, containing a large amount of residues of nitrogen, phosphorus, microorganisms, drugs and feed additives, which are the main harmful components that pollute soil and water sources. There are phenomena that rice grows green without fruit in the field, and there is water but no fish in the reservoir, It has brought serious pollution to people’s living environment around the farm. In fact, after being separated by feces dry and wet separator, livestock and poultry dry feces are valuable organic fertilizer and fish feed. The separated feces can be directly injected into agriculture or into biogas digesters to make biogas, which not only solves the pollution problem of pig farms, but also promotes the development of local green and organic agriculture.

Manure dry and wet separator

The feces dry and wet separator is divided into two parts: submerged non clogging sludge pump and screw extrusion dehydrator. The non clogging sludge pump pumps the feces in the feces tank to the screw extrusion dehydrator. Through the extrusion screw placed in the screen of the screw extrusion dehydrator, the dewatered raw feces are pressed forward at the speed of 46R / min to treat dry poultry feces and feces. The fecal liquid is discharged from the fecal liquid discharge outlet under the machine and can be directly transported to biogas digesters, vegetable greenhouses, orchards and other fields requiring fertilization. The separated semi dry dung can be directly loaded, bagged and sold or made into organic fertilizer. Feces dry and wet separator is a set of equipment for environmental protection treatment of bird feces, which can avoid bird feces polluting the environment and tap the economic value of bird feces. The machine is suitable for sorting pig dung, chicken dung, duck dung, goose dung, cow dung, etc. It is also used for solid-liquid separation of biogas slurry residue after biogas fermentation.

The submerged non clogging sludge pump is divided into two parts: driving equipment and screw pump. The working principle is that when the screw pump is driven by power, the single screw rotor makes planetary rotation around the stator axis in the stator hole of the double screw, the closed cavity formed between certain sub pairs of the rotor will continuously, uniformly and with constant volume transport the medium from the suction end to the extrusion end, which can transport high viscosity The medium of solid particles, grinding particles and fibers has the advantages of continuous and uniform output liquid, stable pressure and small agitation. It will not change the composition of sensitive liquid. It has the advantages of simple structure, less wear and convenient maintenance.

The utility model comprises a driving equipment, a dehydration chamber and a humidity regulating device. The dehydration chamber is cylindrical and internally equipped with a screw shaft. The dehydration chamber and the screw shaft are installed on the same axis. The output end of the driving equipment is connected with one end of the screw shaft and drives the screw shaft to rotate. A feed pipe connected with the dehydration chamber is arranged above one end of the dehydration chamber, The feed pipe is provided with a control port for controlling the feed flow, which is connected with a lifting pump through the pipe, the other end of the dehydration chamber is provided with a discharge port, the discharge port is provided with a humidity regulating device, the bottom wall of the dehydration chamber is provided with a discharge port connected with the dehydration chamber, the discharge port is provided with a filter screen, and the humidity regulating device includes a conical plug, an extrusion spring and an extrusion rocker, The middle part of the conical plug body is provided with a through hole for the spiral shaft to pass through, the conical plug body is sleeved on the spiral shaft, one end of the spiral shaft passes through the through hole of the conical plug body and is screwed with an extrusion rocker, the extrusion spring is arranged on the spiral shaft between the conical plug body and the extrusion rocker, and both ends of the extrusion spring are respectively butted with the conical plug body and the extrusion rocker, The annular gap between the conical plug body and the port of the dehydration chamber forms a discharge port.