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Problems in daily use and maintenance knowledge of construction machinery filter element


Filter element is the most important part of construction machinery. The quality of filter element affects the performance of construction machinery. This paper collects the problems that should be paid attention to in the daily use of filter element of construction machinery, as well as some maintenance knowledge.

1. Under what special circumstances do you need to change the oil filter and fuel filter?

The fuel filter can remove the iron oxide and dust in the fuel, prevent the fuel system from blocking, reduce the mechanical wear, and ensure the stable operation of the engine.

Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of engine fuel filter is 250 hours for the first time, and then every 500 hours. The specific replacement time should be flexibly adjusted according to the fuel quality level.

When the filter element pressure gauge alarms or indicates abnormal pressure, you need to check whether the filter is abnormal. If so, you have to change it.

When there is leakage or rupture on the surface of the filter element, it is necessary to check whether the filter is abnormal. If so, it must be replaced.

2. Is the accuracy of oil filter as high as possible?

For the engine or equipment, the proper filter accuracy should be balanced between the filtration efficiency and ash capacity.

Due to the small size of the filter element, the use of filter elements with high filtration accuracy may shorten the service life of the filter element, which increases the risk of premature plugging of the filter element.

3. what is the difference between the poor oil fuel filter and pure oil and fuel filter on the equipment?

Pure oil and fuel filter can effectively protect equipment and prolong the service life of equipment. Poor oil and fuel filter can not protect equipment well, and can not extend the service life of equipment, even worsen the use of equipment.

4. What are the advantages of using high quality engine oil and fuel filter?

Using high-quality oil and fuel filter can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost and save the user’s money.

5. If the equipment has exceeded the warranty period and has been used for a long time, is it unnecessary to use high-quality filter element?

The engine equipped is more likely to wear out, leading to cylinder pulling. Therefore, the old equipment needs high-quality filter elements to stabilize the increasing wear and maintain the performance of the engine.

Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money on maintenance, or you will have to discard the engine ahead of time. By using real filter elements, you can ensure that the total operating costs (maintenance, repair, overhaul and depreciation costs) are minimized and the service life of the engine is extended.

6. As long as the filter element is cheap, can it be installed on the engine safely?

Many domestic filter element manufacturers will simply copy and imitate the geometry and appearance of the original parts, but they will not pay attention to the engineering standards that the filter element should meet, or even understand what the engineering standards are.

When the filter element is designed to protect the engine system, if the performance of the filter element can not meet the technical requirements and lose the filtering effect, the performance of the engine will be significantly reduced, and the service life of the engine will be shortened.

For example, the life of a diesel engine is directly related to 110-230 grams of dust “eaten” before the engine is damaged. Therefore, the low efficiency and inferior filter element will make more impurities into the engine system, leading to the overhaul of the engine.

7. The filter element used will not cause any problems to the machine, so do users need to buy high-quality products?

The effect of inefficient and inferior filters on the engine may not be immediately apparent. The engine seems to work normally, but harmful impurities may have entered the engine system and started to cause corrosion, rust, wear and other phenomena of engine components.

These damages are recessive and will erupt when they accumulate to a certain extent. Although the symptoms are not visible now, it does not mean that the problem does not exist. Once a problem is found, it may be too late, so insist on using high quality, guaranteed filter elements to maximize engine protection.

The air filter element is located in the intake system of the engine. Its main function is to filter out the harmful impurities in the air entering the cylinder, so as to reduce the early wear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat, so as to provide guarantee for the normal operation and power output of the engine.

Under normal circumstances, the replacement time of the air filter element used by different models is different, but when the air filter element blockage indicator light is on, the outer air filter element must be cleaned. If the working environment is bad, the replacement cycle of air filter element should be shortened.