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Reactor Internals


Reactor Internals

Reactor Internals for Radial Flow Reactor & Down Flow Reactor

We design internal internals for gas / liquid / solid hybrid reactors in petrochemical applications (wedge wire screen type).

The technical level of hydrogenation process mainly depends on the performance of catalyst, the performance of the catalyst depends on the advancement and rationality of the reactor Internals.

Unlike wedge wire screen filter products used in other industries, Johnson screen reactor Internals has strict requirements on raw materials, production processes, and error control.

Through years of R & D and upgrades, our reactor internal components can fully realize the full potential of the reactor.

  • Radial flow reactor internals

    1) Center pipe
    2) Scallops
    3) Outer baskets
    4) SSR flow

  • Down flow reactor internals.

    1) Catalyst support grids
    2) Para-Xylene (PX) Grids
    3) Outlet collectors
    4) Header and laterals
    5) Nozzles
    6) Temperature and Pressure Probes
    7) Candle Filter Elements

Our Reactor Internals Advantage

  1. Adopt advanced wedge wire screen ring welding technology to make the structure stronger.
  2. Special surface treatment technology can increase the service life of products by 30%.
  3. Increase the loading of active catalyst.
  4. Simple installation and space saving.
  5. Eliminates uneven radial distribution, improve reactor performance.
  6. Reduce turnaround time.
  7. Reduce pressure drop and extend equipment run time.


  • Refining – Catalytic reforming, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, molecular sieve, MTBE, sulphur removal, catalyst regeneration, HDS, alkylation, isomerization, hydrogen.
  • Petrochemical – Ammonia conversion, paraxylene, propane, PTA , styrene monomer dehydrogenation, gas dehydration, methanol, LAB, cumene, PSA, mercury removal, benzene absorption.
  • Natural Gas – Molecular sieves, activated and promoted alumina, activated carbon, silica gel, amine, glycol, sulfur plant, mercury removal, IGCC, coal gasification.