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Selection of fish tank filter


There are two common types of filters in life. One is industrial filter, such as bag filter, precision filter, activated carbon filter, etc., and the other is domestic filter, such as fish tank filter, pre filter, household filter, etc. 

Take the fish tank filter for example. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the fish tank system, clean water should always be kept. It is very important to have a complete filtration system. 

Fish tank filter selection premise  
To have a complete filtration system, the fish tank should be mechanically, chemically and biologically filtered. 
The internal power option of the fish tank is usually used in the fresh water tank with low water level. If you want to make the fish tank have the best mechanical filtration effect, you can choose diatom filter. The diatomite inside the diatom filter can filter the pollutants and impurities in the fish tank.  

Diatom filter belongs to primary filtration equipment and can also be used for larger storage tanks, but it is only used as standby or secondary filter. It is easy to be blocked if it is used for fine filtration.  
Precautions for fish tank filter  
Tank filter, bottom filter, wet / dry filter and fluidized bed filter. The first three types can provide a complete three-step filtration system for your fish tank.  

For example, regular cleaning and replacement of components are the most common problems with these types of filters. Regular and quantitative cleaning is helpful to keep the ecological cycle of fish tank in a stable state.  
The most important part of fish tank filter is filter accessories. The most commonly used are filter bags, filter elements and filter media. The filter elements include PP filter element, PES filter element, PVDF filter element, wedge wire filter element, stainless steel wire mesh filter element, etc. The mesh number of filter elements of different materials is different. The filter element manufacturer will customize the filter element with qualified accuracy according to the filtering needs of customers.