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Selection of self-cleaning filter screen


With the society paying more and more attention to the environment, the national investment cost for environmental protection is increasing; Therefore, the self-cleaning filter plays a very important role.  
The application scope of self-cleaning filter is also wider and wider. From raw water filtration, cooling circulating water filtration, sewage treatment filtration, process water filtration and agricultural irrigation filtration, the wide application of self-cleaning filter plays an increasingly important role in saving water, improving water recycling efficiency and reducing production cost.  
The filter screen is the core part of the self-cleaning filter and a very important component. The correct selection of the filter screen plays the role of the self-cleaning filter and ensures the normal operation of the water system.  

The filter screen includes:  

  • Wedge wire filter screen, generally made of 304316316l, 22052507904l, ha C276, etc. It is characterized by backwashing, not easy to block and long service life.
  • Punching woven mesh, generally made of 304316l, 2205, etc. The utility model has the advantages of good strength, low cost, high opening rate, easy blockage, easy damage and short service life.
  • Sintering meshis generally made of 304316l, 2205, etc. It is characterized by good strength and high precision. The disadvantage is that it is easy to block and not easy to backwash.  
  • Multilayer composite net, generally made of 316L, 904L, etc. It is characterized by good strength and is composed of four layers of stainless steel woven filter screen. The filtering accuracy is 10μ– 800μ.

The above filter screens can be applied to self-cleaning filters. Please contact us on how to select the appropriate filter screen to achieve the filtering effect.