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Selection of swimming pool filter


  1. Explanation of terms:

Total water volume: swimming pool total volume length x width x height unit: cubic meter filtration cycle: swimming pool total water circulation time unit: hour. Filtration rate: the amount of water filtered per unit area in unit time unit: M / h

Effective filtration cross-sectional area: the total cross-sectional area of all filter tanks, generally round area X units, unit: square meter.

  1. Low-speed filtration: the filtration speed is in the range of 8-10m H;
  2. Medium speed filtration: the filtration speed is in the range of 11-30m / h;
  3. High-speed filtration: the filtration rate is in the range of 31-50m / h.
  4. The thickness of filter material layer:

When the filtration rate is low, the domestic experience is not less than 700mm; when the filtration rate is medium, the German specification and British data recommend not less than 800mm.

  1. The wedge wire filter shall be made of corrosion-resistant, impermeable, nonpolluting, and non-deformable materials

It shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The pressure on the pressure filter tank should not be less than 0.6MPa;

(2) When the stainless steel tank is used, the stainless steel with anti chloride corrosion shall be used.
(3) when the carbon steel tank is used, the non-toxic anti-corrosion lining shall be used for its inner wall.

(4) When the gravity filter is used, the tank shape and the pressure on the tank shall be calculated and confirmed by the equipment manufacturer, and safety shall be ensured.

  1. Three calculation formulas:

Total water amount △ filtration period △ filtration rate = required effective filtration area

Total water amount △ filtration period △ effective filtration cross-sectional area = filtration rate

Total water amount △ effective filtration cross-sectional area △ filtration rate = filtration period

Through the formula, we can calculate the filtration rate or circulation period of existing swimming pool equipment, or the diameter and quantity of equipment needed for the new swimming pool.

  1. Examples:

There is a standard competition swimming pool of 50m x 25m, with an average water depth of 2m.
The latest national cycle standard is 3-4HOURS. We take 4hours. Please calculate how many quartz sand filters are needed with a design diameter of 2m? (the filtration rate of a high-speed filter is generally 40m / h).

It can be seen from the formula: required effective filtration area △ effective filtration area of single filter = number of filters

Total water volume = 50 * 25 * 2 = 2500 m3

Effective filtration area = π r = 3.14 * (2 △ 1) = 3.14 M2

Filtration rate 20 m / h

2500 / 4 / 40 / 3.14 = 4.97, take the integer, so a national standard pool needs to be equipped with 5 sets of 2m diameter high-speed filters.