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Self cleaning filter for repairing groundwater resources


As an important water supply source in China, groundwater resources play an important role in ensuring residents’ domestic water, social and economic development and maintaining the balance of ecological environment. However, the indiscriminate exploitation in recent years has seriously polluted the groundwater resources, and it is imperative to repair the groundwater resources. The appearance of self-cleaning filter plays an important role.

Self cleaning filter is a kind of advanced equipment technology in international water treatment industry, which is committed to the design, manufacture, equipment, commissioning and service of water supply system, circulating water system, sewage system and reclaimed water system. The water resources treated by the self-cleaning filter have not only been effectively purified, but also the water quality treated by the self-cleaning filter has reached the national standard.

Under the effective treatment of self-cleaning filter, groundwater resources have been effectively treated and reasonably utilized. The application of self-cleaning filter is also very broad. Self-cleaning filter can also be used in drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and other fields.