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Self cleaning filter to treat cold rolling wastewater


As we all know, there are many kinds of pollutants and complex components in cold rolling wastewater. Without effective treatment, it will pose a serious threat to the water supply environment. The application of self-cleaning filter has effectively alleviated the problem.

There are many kinds of wastewater, including waste acid, acid-base wastewater, oily and emulsion wastewater. Depending on the composition of the unit, there are sometimes chromium containing wastewater and cyanate containing wastewater.

Cold rolling wastewater not only has many kinds, but also has the largest amount compared with the similar wastewater produced in other parts of the iron and steel plant.

The composition of wastewater is complex. In addition to acid, alkali, oil, emulsion and a small amount of mechanical impurities, it also contains a large number of metal salts, mainly iron salts. In addition, there are a small amount of heavy metal ions and organic components.

Wastewater changes greatly. Due to the different output, production capacity and operation rate of each unit in the cold rolling plant, the amount and composition of cold rolling wastewater treated centrally fluctuate greatl

The temperature of cold rolling wastewater mainly comes from the heating of production process rather than direct cooling.

The self-cleaning filter effectively intercepts the suspended solids, particles, bacteria and algae and other harmful substances in the water by using the filter screen, so as to purify the water source and improve the water quality. The self-cleaning filter has the characteristics of stable effluent quality, low operation cost, small floor area and long service life. The cold rolling wastewater treated by self-cleaning filter has achieved effective treatment and rational utilization.