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Sieve Bend Screen


Sieve Bend Screen, DSM Screen

Johnson bend screen

Solutions to the problems of industrial dewatering, sizing, and wastewater treatment.
Johnson screen static sieve bend screen is widely used in the industry. when the material flows on the curved surface, it exerts more force on the screen than on the flat wedge wire screen, compared with flat-screen, its screening performance is more excellent.

Material: SS304, 316, 316L, 321, 904L, 2205, 2507, C276…
Gap size: 100 microns, 150 microns (or as your need)
Sizing: Down to 0.008 inch
Tolerance: +/- 5 micron
Angle: 30° 45° 60° 90° 120° 270° 300°
Radius: 1018mm, 2036mm, or non-standard screen.
Width: 20” – 120”
Application: Mining and mineral processing industries, pulp and paper, dewatering, chemical, food, starch (fiber removal), cement, sugar mill screen, sewage treatment, textile mills, etc.
Customized angle, arc length, radius, and other non-standard screens.

45° DSM Screen – Commonly used for thickening and screening.
120° DSM Screen – Pulp thickening, recovery, and separation of fibers.
800 mm arc length – Media recovery. Use at height limit.
1600 mm arc length – Made for maximum drainage.
1200 mm arc length – Maximum drainage, but the height does not allow 1600 mm.

We can customize suitable products according to the actual use.

♦ High capacity

♦ Not easy to block

♦ Wear resistance

♦ Large opening rate

♦ Simple installation

♦ Low maintenance costs

The arc angle of 45°, 60°, and 90° are often adopted for self flow DSM screen, used in coal preparation plant and concentrator.

The pressure type DSM screen, which usually adopts the arc of 180° and 270°, is used in the grading operation of the grinding process in the cement industry. 

Because of the great discharge capacity of the sieve bend screen, many coal preparation plants often use it for pre-dewatering before the dewatering screen, and the gap between the screens is generally 3-6 times larger than that of the dewatering screen in the next process, but the maximum slot should not exceed 3 mm.

The width of the sieve bend screen shall be 150-200mm smaller than that of the dewatering screen in the next process. Arc screen can also be used in series as required.

We have accumulated rich production experience and can give professional suggestions according to the specific use of customers.

in / mm
in / mm
in2 / mm2
200.020 / 0.5080.040 / 1.0160.005 / 0.32311
300.030 / 0.7620.050 / 1.2700.001 / 0.64513
470.047 / 1.1940.088 / 2.2350.003 / 1.93510
630.060 / 1.5240.100 / 2.5400.004 / 2.58113
690.071 / 1.8030.177 / 4.4960.010 / 6.4527
930.089 / 2.2610.138 / 3.5050.009 / 6.80613
1180.116 / 2.9460.185 / 4.6990.015 / 9.67713
1300.130 / 3.3020.250 / 6.3500.023 / 14.8398
1580.158 / 4.0130.239 / 6.0700.028 / 17.948
1910.195 / 4.9530.363 / 9.2200.055 / 35.4845

Advantages of Our Johnson Screen Sieve Bend

– Wedge Wire
Minimum wire diameter: 0.5mm (width) x 1.2mm(height)
The opening area is determined by the width of the wedge wire and the gap size, when the slot size is determined, only the finer wedge wire can be used to improve the opening rate.
We are one of the few manufacturers in China with a diameter of 0.5mm, it can maximize the opening area.
High capacity.

– Large transverse strength
If there is not enough transverse strength, the sieve bend (DSM) screen will bend to the side, and the precision of the gap will change.

– High vertical strength
More important than the transverse strength, the important factors affecting product performance.

– Wear and corrosion resistance
We choose the best raw materials and special surface treatment technology, which can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the products, with long service life.

– Custom wedge wire angle (reasonable design of water cutting)
A wedge wire with a skew angle has better screening ability in use.
We can customize the angle: 3°- 15°.
The size of the angle depends on the width of the wedge wire and the size of the gap, our technicians will provide the most professional advice.

– Firm structure
Perfect welding process, welding every intersection, very solid structure.

– Easy to install, easy to replace, no maintenance required

– Save energy, space, and noise

The application environment of wedge wire sieve bend screen with different angles is different.
45°SIEVE BEND SCREEN: Thickening and screening
120°SIEVE BEND SCREEN: Widely used in paper mills, thickened pulp, recycled fiber.
Before purchase, it is necessary to confirm with the supplier: material, wedge wire size, gap size, length and width, angle, and other basic specification information.

We are the largest wedge wire screen manufacturer in northern China, with three complete production lines, which can provide customized sieve bend screen services for customers all over the world.

DSM and sieve bend screen