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Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment


Application of Johnson screen filter (wedge wire screen) in slaughterhouse (pig, sheep, cow, fish, etc.).

Natural water resources are scarce. Almost all water used in slaughterhouses is precious tap water, which increases production costs and the total amount of sewage and waste water.

Recycling most of the slaughterhouse wastewater after reuse can alleviate the shortage of water resources.

Slaughter wastewater is usually reddish brown and has an unpleasant odor.

It contains large amounts of blood, oil, hair, meat, bones, internal organs, undigested food, feces and other solids.

The slaughtering wastewater has high organic content and good biodegradability, but the organic concentration is high, it is not easy to degrade, and it is difficult to handle.

The nutrients in slaughtering wastewater are mainly nitrogen and phosphorus, of which nitrogen is mainly present in the form of organic or ammonium salts, and phosphorus is mainly present in the form of phosphate.

Source of slaughterhouse sewage

The production process of the slaughterhouse is generally:

Livestock → Livestock pens → Slaughter → Scalding or peeling → Anatomy → Taking offal → Refrigerated or shipped.

Wastewater is discharged in almost every process:

  1. Before slaughter, the animal manureare drained daily.
  2. Floor washing water containing blood and animal manure should be discharged from the slaughterhouse.
  3. Discharge hot water with a lot of pig hair during scalding.
  4. Dissecting workshop discharges gastrointestinal contents.
  5. Dissecting workshop discharges gastrointestinal contents.
  6. Domestic sewage in workshop sanitary equipment, boilers, office buildings, etc..

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Equipment And Johnson Screen Filter (Wedge Wire Filter)

  1. Sewage enters Johnson screen grid.
    Remove large debris, blood stains, suspended matter, floats and ribbons in sewage, prevent clogging of mechanical equipment such as sewage lift pumps, and greatly reduce the processing load of biochemical systems.
    Johnson screen filtergap (slot) size is 1mm, or customized according to your requirements.
  2. Into the oil trap.
    Wastewater contains sediment, etc. These can be removed by natural sedimentation. The deposited sediment is regularly driven into a sludge concentration tank by a sludge pump.
  3. Sewage flows into conditioning tank.
    Regulate water quality to ensure a stable, continuous and efficient process.
    The adjustment tank can homogenize the water quality, balance the water volume, reduce the impact load of the peak water volume on the subsequent processing unit, and at the same time, a partial hydrolysis and acidification reaction occurs to degrade some organic matter.
  4. Air flotation machine.
    The air flotation machine relies on the air dissolved in the water and the tiny bubbles generated during the decompression release, which will bring the emulsified oil and some suspended particles in the sewage to the water surface and then remove them by the slag scraper. In order to improve the treatment effect of air flotation, the coagulation and dosing treatment should be carried out before the sewage enters the air flotation machine.
  5. MBR sewage treatment equipment.
  6. Disinfection equipment.

    Sludge treatment and disposal
  7. The sludge of the system is produced in the primary and secondary sedimentation tanks, mainly organic sludge, which can be used as fertilizer after being pressed by a plate and frame filter press.
  8. Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen also play an important role in slaughterhouse sludge treatment.

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Equipment

  1. raw water tank
  2. raw water pump
  3. Quartz sand filter
  4. Activated carbon filter
  5. Precision filter
  6. Main engine booster pump
  7. Ultrafiltration system
  8. Reverse osmosis device
  9. Ozone sterilization
    Wire wrapped screenfilter plays an important role in raw water pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter:

Wedge wire filter element for raw water pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter.(Filtering accuracy is about 5 microns)

Water distribution system(Johnson screen lateral assemblies) for quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter.

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