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Sludge Deep Dewatering Treatment Device


At present, sludge drying is called sludge dehydration, which refers to the process of removing most of the water content from sludge through percolation or evaporation. The water content of the sludge is further reduced by physical methods, which is convenient for the transportation, accumulation, utilization, or further treatment of the sludge. However, the existing sludge dewatering requires the sewage to be accumulated in the sewage treatment tank and then transferred, and then transferred to another place for unified drying, so the efficiency is low.

In order to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, BLUSLOT provides a sludge deep dewatering treatment device, which can filter out the sludge in the sewage, and directly transport the sludge for drying to improve efficiency.

The utility model comprises a sludge treatment tank, wherein the sludge treatment tank is provided with a sludge filtering cavity, a sludge conveying cavity, and a sludge drying cavity, and a wedge wire screen filter plate is arranged in the sludge filtering cavity.

The sludge conveying cavity is provided with a sludge inlet, the wedge wire screen filter plate is used to guide the sludge into the sludge inlet, and a sludge conveying mechanism is arranged in the sludge conveying cavity, and the sludge conveying mechanism is used to convey the sludge to the sludge. drying chamber.

A heating mechanism is arranged in the sludge drying chamber, and the heating mechanism is used to heat the sludge drying chamber to dry the sludge.

A sewage cavity and a drainage pipe are also arranged in the sludge treatment tank, a water outlet hole is arranged at the bottom end of the sludge filtering cavity, and the water outlet hole is connected with the sewage cavity.

The drain pipe communicates with the bottom end of the sewage chamber.

The sludge conveying mechanism includes a driving motor and a screw rod, the body of the driving motor is installed on the outer wall of the sludge treatment tank, and the rotating shaft of the driving motor is connected with one end of the screw rod.

The other end of the screw rod extends into the sludge conveying cavity and penetrates into the sludge drying cavity. The outer surface of the screw rod is provided with a helical blade, and the screw blade extends spirally in the axial direction of the screw rod.

The sewage can be filtered in the filter plate of the sludge filter chamber. The filter plate can guide the sludge to the sludge inlet and enter the sludge conveying chamber. The sludge drying chamber is heated, dehydrated and dried, and the dried sludge can be exported for later use.

The sludge filtered by the sludge filter chamber can be continuously transported to the sludge transport chamber, and then buffered for a period of time before being transported, which can not only ensure the continuity of the sludge drying but also make the sludge in the sludge drying chamber better. The sludge has sufficient time to dry, and the drying is more thorough.